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Sales update and Want

Hey there! I want to do a collection update before ALL THE BLAZIKENS, so as soon as one last thing gets here, I'm gonna take pictures and do a re-intro. I'm so excited for all the new chickens thanks to ORAS~ (And I just reserved my copy of AS today.)

But for now, I just went and added some more things to my sales post. Click the banner to see!

I also have flats, pogs, and such in my flats post, here.

If you see something you'd like but don't like the price, feel free to shoot me an offer! I have a mountain of packing supplies that would be nice to lessen. haha

Now for the small want. I believe the next set of the TCG just came out recently, and there is a Blaziken in it. I want it not only because it's a Blaziken, but the picture is amazing. Look.

My boyfriend, slimenite, and I were looking at the new cards, and our conversation went something like this:
Me: "Oh, look, there's the Blaziken! Pretty~"
Him: "Huh, he's kicking something..."
Me: *squinting* "It's... It's a Dragonite!"
I burst out laughing "A Blaziken and a Dragonite together~!"
Him: ...

So my main collection is Blaziken, and his is Dragonite. I can't believe the two ended up in the same picture on a card. It is now my new favorite, and I would really like one. If anyone has any of Rising Fist and pulled one they don't want, I'd love to buy it!

Tags: sales, wants
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