isn't that right zach? (vodka_mutini) wrote in pkmncollectors,
isn't that right zach?

joltik gachapon lucky

HEY pkmncollectors. Long time no see!!!! I haven't been active here in ages, but I am still a Pokemon fan and collecting here and there (recent lines with Froslass AND Shedinja? I'm in heaven). I live near Osaka so I can even drop into the Pokemon Center fairly often which is awesome. If you've bought anything from fisshuai on ebay, that was me! ( ☆∀☆)

So, anyway, I'm popping in to ask if anyone can give me more information on a certain item. See, today I won a Joltik Gachapon that is quite rare, apparently? I know that one sold for quite a lot on Yahoo Japan and I'm curious what makes it so rare. The woman standing next to the gachapon machines shouted when I opened it!

Here is a pic (it's so cute I am tempted to keep it):

Tags: joltik
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