Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some quick sales!

Hello everybody! I'm coming with some quick sales today :)

Hope its Ok to use not a cut for them. Otherwise, please tell me!

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- Shipping is from germany worldwide
- Paypal only
- no minimum purchase!
- ♥trades are welcome!♥
- haggling is allowed
- shipping is without insurance so I'm not responsible for lost or damaged items ~ tell me if you want insurance, its really not expensive here in germany

*** shipping is 4,50$ for non-flats and 2$ for flats to everywhere! ***




- big pichu coin bank: 15$
- oddish fuzzy tomy plush: 10$
- oddish friends plush:7$
- vileplume ceramic thing with package: 5$
- vileplume burgerking keychain: 4$
- clear pink (bootie?) vileplume tomy: 5$
- gloom&vileplume tomys: 3$ each
- lanturn tomy: 20$
- dedenne pokeball (no inkpad!): 3$
- wingull kid: 2$
- victini tcg coin: 1$
- bootie parasect mini figure: 0,50$


- Bandai cardass cards: 3$ each
- sentret holo boomer: 2$
- rare pikachu,oddish&caterpie stickercard: 3$
- clefairy pokedoll pokedex card: 3$
Everything else is 1$!

Thanks for looking :) And...I have reorganized my collections and I will make an collection update soon^^

Tags: caterpie, clefairy, dedenne, figures, gloom, lanturn, oddish, parasect, pichu, plush, raichu, sales, sentret, tomy, victini, vileplume, wingull
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