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Hi all! I thought it was finally time to introduce myself and stop being so shy after lurking around on the community for almost 2 years.

My name is Mel and I'm from Massachusetts. I have been a fan of Pokemon since the Red and Blue days,but my love for the series didn't start till Gen 2. Pokemon Gold/Silver will always have a special place in my heart since it had my favorite pokemon in it, Feraligatr!

Since I was young I couldn't really start a collection, but I did have a couple of plushies and figures. Eventually when I got a job I decided to start my collection and since I joined the community my collection has only gotten bigger! I really enjoy seeing everyone's collections grow and posts of unique items that I have never seen before, it makes collecting even more exciting.

I'll stop rambling and show you pictures of my collection!

 photo d42cfadb-2a27-422b-a4a7-a91aa3dbbc7d_zpsc96142be.jpg

Most of these plushies are customs made by various talented artists (Cwinget, Magnastorm, d215, and colocho_robotto) while the others are official and one a bootie. There isn't a lot of Gatr plushes so I love having different customs.

 photo 038_zps2b921eda.jpg

 photo 036_zps088d58e0.jpg

 photo 035_zps06ee39b5.jpg

Various photos of my totodile line collection, I mostly collect Feraligatrs, but more totodiles and croconaws are always welcome :)

 photo 033_zps4ed91981.jpg

These are my favorites of my collection, I have had the feraligatr and totodile tomy for awhile, but recently found different poses of the original figures (and a clear feraligatr). Feraligatr's figure didn't change too much, but his arm is slightly raised so it is a little different haha.

I'm hoping to expand my collection of Gatrs, so if anyone has any feraligatrs not seen here feel free to show me some! I'll post a wants list one day... but for right now I'm looking for the v-trainer, feraligatr slippers, and coin bank.

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