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Diamonds, Grails, Com Gets, and Megas!


I apologize for having been away for so long, but I've come back to give you a little update on me, my collection, and some of the most recent pokemon merch, especially Dia...well, you'll see! (Please be kind, I've been surviving school and work with loads of coffee! lol!)

I hope that I haven't offended anyone by kind of dropping off the face of the comm about a month or so ago. My reasoning was because I did finally get my Grail, the Pokémon Center Kyurem plush!! So happy! Also, I bought a few items from the comm, and Oh my goodness, they are perfect! So perfect in fact, that all I wanted was to keep buying! :P And, unfortunately, I've been in that situation before where I want to spend more than I have. So, I took a break from the comm for a while in order to clear my head and re-up on money. I'm also in school heavy duty now, so taking a break and focusing on school work has been a really productive thing for me. That said, I have all my pokemon with me while I study ! lol! So, I am back to post, but I do have to lurk a little bit more while I'm in school and I still don't have the kind of spending cash I'd like to. So, sorry if I'm still bad at replying and posting, school takes a lot of concentration. (So far, though, I've got high marks!)
First off, I got Diancie!! Diancie is so perfect! I recommend this plush to everyone.

It's got really soft material, minky I think, on the grey and white parts.

But on the pink parts, the fabric is very different than I've ever seen.

It's like really smooth if you pet it one way, then prickly if you pet it the other.

Btw, forgive me for my lousy photo skills. :P

Also, I'd like to ask the comm what you think of Mega Diancie. Will it be in the new movie? Do you think there will be merch of it? thought I'd ask

Next up, is the Pokémon Center Carbink plush! So cute! It's literally about the size of an apple or orange, fits right in your hand. Carbink also has that same odd material Diancie has, except blue instead of pink. The rest is Minky material. It looks just like a rock bunny! lol!

This is what I like to call Collection Part 2. (among other names :P )
The most recent addition is Cresselia, which I got from the comm thanks to agkelikos!Thank you so much for sending me this beautifully Colorful Pokémon! Love Cresselia so much! But, just to explain, I'm really picky with my pokemon and grouping them in to my Collection Parts. I'm hoping this will grow as there are new releases!

This my Collection Part 1.5. I really wasn't expecting my main collection to grow any more, but how can I resist the Mega Charizards, Mega Blastoise, Chesnaught, and Mega Garchomp?! So perfect! The mega Charizards even have eyelids! This is basically overflow from my main collection. :P

And here it is, My Collection (Part 1)! This is the most perfect my main collection will ever get! (especially since it looks like there won't be a Mega Mawile plush...)
I would like to thank kephisos for my Fantastic Takara Tomy Buizel plush! I feel like I've been searching a life time to find this plush for sale! (close to five years! can you believe?) Thank you!
Also, thank you to everyone, and you know who you are, who helped me with my Grail search! I finally got my Pokémon center Kyurem plush!!! I got it on Noppin for about 40 usd, and it's used, but I love it to death!
This is like my Pokémon Plush Dream Team! I'm going to buried with these guys! lol! Love 'em all! :)

Here are two guys I got at Walgreen's, can you believe? I wonder how long they've been sitting there? And this brings me to one of my Pokémon Merch complaints: Where is my Thundurus Therian forms plush? Where is any therian forme plush for that matter? seriously, they make fantastic PC plushs for the incarnate forms of the kami trio, then they just totally ignore the therian forms... and at this point there will probably never be plushes of these guys. :'(

Here's a picture I took of all the Mega plush.(so far?...) Again, sorry for my awful photography, I try. I hadn't seen these guys grouped together yet. I'm hoping there will be more Mega plush, but I have a feeling X and Y are basically done in terms of merch, or at least, winding down, especially now that OmegaRuby and Alphasapphire are coming out. There's probably going to be a lot of merch from those games.

And that brings me to a little comm question: What are your merch predictions for the next 3 to 4 months. We know about Pokémon Time in July, but what about the other months? You know that in November there's going to be all kinds of Groudon/Kyogre merch which I fear will take the place of all X and Y merch. What do you think? I really want a Zygarde plush and plushes of the "secret" Pokémon! :)

I leave you with a picture of my plushie mess!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope it wasn't all garbled and messy, I'm in the middle of a study session and decided to take a break to say hello to the community! I'll try to stay close, but I'm neck deep in studying for the next few months. :P I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying your pokemon! <3

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