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Rare Pokedolls and New MPC's for Auction - all start at $20 or less!

Hello! :)

We came home from the beach to find some slips for packages from Japan.
That means its time for some auctions: 2 DX pokedolls starting at only $20 and much more!!
2014-06-15 20.07.15-2

International shipping is available, just be mindful it may cost more.
Granted sales permission on 5/31/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback can be found here
Bid price does not include shipping and PP fees.

-I ship from PA in the United States, and ship Worldwide. (I ship either 1st class or priority mail in bubble mailers or boxes (depending upon size of item).
-Item will typically ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment.
-I accept Paypal only.
-Payment expected within 48 hours of confirmation of purchase, unless we have made an arrangement.
Any questions, please feel free to ask! :-)
-Please follow all community guidelines.
-No Sniping.
-Offers end Friday June 20th at 6PM EST COUNTDOWN

Bonsly DX Pokedoll (no tags, only 500 ever made) -Starts at $20
2014-06-15 20.07.442014-06-15 20.07.52
2014-06-15 20.08.04

Muchlax DX Pokedoll (all tags, 2005) -Starts at $20
2014-06-13 17.19.282014-06-13 17.19.42

Torchic Oversized Terrycloth Pokedoll (all tags, 2004) -Starts at $9
2014-06-15 20.09.352014-06-15 20.09.47

Treecko Oversized Terrycloth Pokedoll (tush tag only, 2004) -Starts at $9
2014-06-15 20.09.092014-06-15 20.09.19
2014-06-15 20.09.25

Mudkip Oversized Terrycloth Pokedoll (tush tag only, 2004) -Starts at $9
2014-06-15 20.09.572014-06-15 20.10.55

All MPC's start at $5 and are MWT.
2014-06-13 17.21.28

Yokohama Cookie Tin (2005, Empty) - Starts at $30
2014-06-13 17.18.172014-06-13 17.18.21
2014-06-13 17.18.262014-06-13 17.18.34

I updated my collection page with some new gets. If anyone wants to exchange links, just ask! :D
Tags: auction, bonsly, chansey, jigglypuff, mudkip, munchlax, snorlax, torchic, treecko, wynaut
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