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All of the Updates!

Ugh man I am terrible at updating :p First I was super busy with college so there was no time to update on my Secret Swap, then I was getting new gets in all the time and wanted to finish my first made custom. Welp, I guess that just means you all get to see a HUGE post from me lol. Super duper image heavy!

Let's start with the Secret Swap!

My Secret Swap partner was neutralemotions! Oh man I was so excited! Haha I think I took the picture of the box after I had already opened it. These are my lovely spoils <3 You can't believe how thrilled I was to see that plush, he's my first ever custom plushie. Also included were a few kids for me and my boyfriend (you are so thoughtful <3) and some flats.

These are the flats, a couple of stickers and a neat card. I thought it was really awesome because its all shiny and has this shimmery design on it. They're all sitting on my craft desk c:

The kids! The Espeon was for me and the 'Floon and Maractus are for my lovely beau. I thought that was a super sweet touch and he was really happy to have such cute figures.

The piece de resistance! This wonderful, super soft plush is so awesome. I was shocked neutralemotions decided to tackle Ninetales for a custom plush, but he came out perfectly. I've named him Chowder and he makes such a perfect addition to my collection. Oh my gosh I love him so much!

A shot of his lovely tails. I love it they're like a snuggly blanket for my Vulpixs C:

His superadorbsquishy face. This picture is currently set as my phone background because holy moly he is justtoocuteaugh!

Next is my custom Ponyta which I am pretty proud of. Please excuse the terrible cell phone pictures, the lighting was just not there that day.

My first custom repaint. She's a little Jakks Ponyta and I'm pretty dang proud. I used a spray primer, then covered her in gesso. I think the gesso made her a little too textured for when I painted.

Overall I'm really pleased! The pictures are terrible but I've painted her up in shiny metallics so she's actually pretty sparkly. I was also trying to stay true to the markings on the original Jakks figure so here's a comparison shot.

And finally a collection update!

Finally got a second bookshelf so I could spread out some of my babies, which is good coz the smaller ones are filling up. Man especially the Eeveelutions, they are kind of killing me so I've been laying off them for a little bit but here's how everything looks right now c:

The new shelf. Now housing my Vulpix and Ninetales (with lovely Chowder), Eevees, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Sylveon, Goats and more Fire foxies.

The original shelf which is now home to my Growlithes, Ponies, Poochies, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, my boyfriend's Mons and my super small or miscellaneous collections.
And some closeups!

My original Fire Foxes! I'm so pleased with how my collection has grown, makes me so happy to walk in and see them everyday <3

The other 'top shelf'. These collections are small but I hope to fill some of them on my next buying round.

My Eevees and Vaporeon. Gosh darn the original 'Vees. They are so dang cute but so hard on my bank account and my shelving. I just put them in there and I already feel like they need their own bookshelf along with the other 2 OG's.

Speaking of OG's lol. Obviously my Jolteon and Flareon, I think they're my most completed of all my Vees because I've got the Jakks figures, most kids, Pokedolls and even a canvas plush for Flareon. It's really interesting to see all the diversity of the same species in merchandise.

Espeon and Umbreon! I don't really have much to say about them lol xD

Leafeon and Glaceon. I really like this shelf, the symmetry is nice and their colours work so great together. Also that bag is super awesome <3

I call this my Gen 6 shelf, it just coincidentally worked out that way. These collections are still pretty small but I wanted to work on my older small collections since this Gen is newer and the merchandise will -hopefully- be a little easier to come by.

Lol this shelf looks so strange to me XD I don't officially collect Zoroark but these were my favourite plushies of him. It's just strange because I haven't collected that much of Raikou or Deerling/Sawsbuck yet so it looks pretty empty but hopefully I'll be able to remedy that eventually.

Boyfriend's shelf! He collects mostly ghosts but also other pokemon he particularly likes. Tomys are his favourite figures but not all his favourite 'mons have Tomys so we've substituted some kid figures. Just a few more and it'll be a totally full shelf :3

And on a super happy note: I have finished my Ponyta/Rapidash collection except for my fire pony grail.

(Please don't offer to sell me my grail, I can't afford it right now and it would just be a little tortuous :c)
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