sophiesplush (sophiesplush) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for a user

Hi! Today I am looking for the user zealey. I've been trying to get a hold of them because my dad erased the payment in paypal from the archive (which includes the address) and I need that obviously to send them their custom plush they ordered.

Maybe the LJ messaging system isn't working like it should, I get spotty results at best.

Anyway if anyone has a way of getting in contact with them, please let them know I need to talk to them! Thanks!

Zealey, if you see this, I also added you a small gift in your package as a thank you for being a patient and accommodating commissioner, thank you for your purchase. :)

On a happy note, lookie what I got in the mail:

Ahh! So cute! I really wanted one of the old Raichu UFOs but didn't even bother looking for one, since I knew I couldn't afford one ;_; I'm glad I waited because personally I like the soft minky best! This one is my snuggle buddy rather than keeping him all minty. I think I deserve one plush I actually hold, lol!

Also, a friend got me this:

Yay for electric rodents! I really want a dedenne pokedoll, too. :)

now for my collection shelf time! As always,forgive me of the hon pokemon plush here. I have limited space until I get my own apartment. :)

For some reason mobile is giving me issues,but please follow the link to see my collection! Hope you like it!
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