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Wants + Recent Pikachu Gets :3

'Ello everyone! Been lurking around recently due to being busy (yeah!). Wanted to give everyone a quick update on some of my rather cool Pikachu gets and, I also have a want! :) Hopefully someone here can assist me!

So, for my want...

Borrowed image--can take down if needed.

So, I want this little dude here. I have all the other Pikachu World Championship plushies but this one (as far as I know...I don't think there were any before this guy). I didn't realize there was one from 2010. If anyone has one I'd love to get a quote from you ;)

Teaser for one of my cooler gets...Click below, click below!

Not too sure if this is a "Pikachu" card but I saw it on eBay and was blown back by the artwork. I really enjoy some of the older Pokemon artwork--it's really unique and, from looking at the illustration, it appears to have been done with a combination of dry medias (and, I want to say water color).

Here are a few other Pikachu grabs. Love the soccer Pikachus...might have gone too far though because I ordered a few of them so I've got more on their way here xD

I don't know if the Pikachu / Pichu trainer card qualifies as a "Pikachu" card but I love the artwork on it once again :3

Thanks for viewing and have a great day! :)
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