abbeymew (abbeymew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

gets and a question

I have had lots of cool stuff come in the post lately so I just have to show it off :D
see under the cut for plushie goodness

first DX Darkrai pokedoll!!!
I have always wanted to get one of these guys but always either lost out or it has been too much for me and at last I got one I could afford :D he is in excellent condition and so so soft! he is only my second DX pokedoll so I hope I can get some more.


these new guys arrived this morning too, My sylveon has a slightly crooked head so she is always looking confused bless her <3 and I love my fossil pokedolls to bit :D i knew I would always love tyrunt but he is just so small and adorable i want to squeeze him all the time, i really love the cute sitting pose he is in too.


fossil kisses ;)


and my favourite of the bunch a poliwirl pokedoll :) thanks baconscreation for trading with me. he is super cute so glad to have him in my collection.

now a question!
I have just rearranged my collection due to my pending 2 year anniversary collection update and I have now noticed I am severely lacking in red pokedolls! So this is going to have to be filled up. Now I dont know what red pokedolls there are out there so if anyone can help me out with what is available I would be very grateful :3
i currently have deoxys, red genesect, delibird, groudon, pansear and latias
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