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Con get + other gets!

I just got back from a small con that was this past weekend and it was awesome! There wasn't a lot of Pokemon things being sold there, but I did manage to pick up this cute crochet pokeball!

Random gets!

My brother-in-law got me the Pokedex book as a present after my ring ceremony (graduating uni in Dec, yey!) I like to read about all the Pokemon! :D

I finally got around to stopping by McDonald's to get a Pokemon toy. I got Venusaur with a Honedge card! I love the color of the Pokeball!

Comm gets!

Thanks to Piplup for selling me the set of Ganbare plush! :)

Anyone know a good way to get the marks off the middle Piplup figure? I haven't heard many good things about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser....

I feel like it's been forever since I last made a post! Anyway, I recently got sales permission so I plan on starting out with some spare TCG. I will make a post later with info and everything but what I have and what i'm looking for so far is posted on my collection site:
Thanks for reading!
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