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Reintroduction/Collection Post + Crobat TOMY

Hi, I'm LaprasTG. I have been seriously collecting TOMYs for the past 2 months (although I got my first one at around 7) and I have around 350 figures presently. I got these primarily from eBay since I don't have a Y!J account.

Here are some pics of some of my favorites in my collection. I don't have a good camera so I have to use a bad webcam on my "economical" computer, so bear with me.

Ultra rares


Voltorb, Electrode, Ditto, Kingdra, Swinub, Gardevoir

Super rares


Nidorino (not a bootleg, my crappy webcam just distorted the colors), Nidoqueen, Magmar, Golbat, Ampharos, Girafarig, Mantine, Gastly, Haunter

Just some assorted rares (and Yanma, who should've been in the previous picture) and I don't know how rare Glalie, Drapion, and Torkoal are supposed to be since I mainly collect the 1st 2 gens


There's a lot, so I'll only name a couple:
Ursaring (who I just got today)
Porygon2 and Magcargo (I was waiting a while for these)
Donphan (I got him while I wasn't really collecting that often off of eBay)
Cloyster (I got this one today as well)
Sadly broken Lanturn (I got this at Nintendo World when I was much younger)

Thanks for looking.
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