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Awww yisss - First sales+auctions! Pokemomo Gengar and more.


I'm being BURIED ALIVE in extra stuff. Thankfully, I got sales permission last week! Maybe I'll be able to see my floor a little bit after this.
As this is my first sales and auctions, I'm pretty sure I can handle it but I ask for your understanding if I do a hiccup or two. I'm already being buried alive and I wish to not be eaten alive next. I probably taste bad anyway because I'm part Poison.

regular gengar I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kidgengar/

regular gengar tongue General info

•I ship from the USA. I DO ship internationally, though please bear with me as I am somewhat new to shipping overseas. There might be a delay for international orders until I get the hang of it.

•These sales are only open to members of Pkmncollectors and all community rules apply. I have the right to refuse a sale to anyone suspicious.

•Paypal only. Send payment as "Goods", not gift. Echecks will delay the shipment of your item until they clear. Prices do not include shipping or fees unless stated.

•First to inquire about an item, will get a temporary three hour hold to ask for quotes,pictures,etc.
*If for some reason you suddenly have to go somewhere during these three hours, let me know right away and I can extend the hold for 12 hours but no more than 24 hours unless you specify you need that much time. Surely you can spare a minute to say you have to go out.
As courtesy to other members, it would be appreciated if you clearly just say you're not interested so we can all move on.

•If you truly commit to the item, then that's that. Meaning, it is sold as is because you had the chance to ask for more details.
Even MiP items can have imperfections that I might have missed. I'm somewhat picky and it would not be my intention to not be accurate.

•I can do holds if you truly want the item. Know that if you back out after you receive the total of your purchase, we're going to have a bad time.

•Do not edit your comment;reply to yourself instead.

•Payment is due in 24 hours after your total is posted unless arrangements were made, like holds.

•I would rather not haggle but let me know if you think something is priced unfairly.

•Non-smoking home but I have a dog. All things I sell are stored in boxes, in a closet, away from him. However, it's impossible for me to keep every single hair out.

•Once the package leaves my claws, I can no longer be held responsible for it. All sales are final and I do keep receipts as proof.

•Feedback is left once received.

mega gengar Shipping

•First-class is the default shipping method. PRIORITY MAIL IS AVAILABLE.

•Shipping will be done in bubble mailers UNLESS the item has very frail packaging, is too big or at your request; an appropiate size box will be used.
(Note if requested for simple items, there could be a delay if I don't have a box.)
If you just want the item and don't care for the packaging, let me know and I will ship in a standard mailer.

•Shipping can be done regularly as long as I have received payment. International orders may take extra time.

•For packages/flats in mailers/clearfiles (tracking included): Starts at $2.65. International starts at $6.90.

•I use brand new bubble mailers and bubble wrap; I salvage bubble wrap that can still be used from time to time. I won't re-use mailing supplies in obviously bad condition.

mega gengar tongue Auction rules

•Bid in increments of $1.
•Reply to the person above you. If you screw up, let me know right away. Do not edit your comment; reply to yourself instead.
•No obvious sniping because ain't nobody got time for that. Do that in your own time.
•Auctions will run until Sunday, June 22th at 10pm Eastern Time. Here is the timer:

Pokemomo Gengar Passcase

You might think I'm insane for putting this up for auction when I'm a Gengar collector but I got a tagged one a few months back. And it costed me an arm and a leg. I originally planned to maybe use this... but what killed it for me was when I saw that the inside is pink with polka dots. xD Also, this shade of purple is too light for anything I wear; it would stick out like a cold sore. He is sitting in my shelf, looking all silly. I'm sure someone here might want him?
So here he is; he is tush tag only. He is in Mint condition with no signs of wear. Starting at $20. Shipping inside the U.S.A is $2.65 (fees not included). It will vary if you're international.

Treecko Strap
I got this when I ordered something on Amazon.JP; I'm not sure if it was intentional or a mistake. I cannot find any information on this except that it dates back to 2003; then again, I know nothing of Treecko merchandise. It is Mint with just slight bending on the package. If requested, I can put cardboard backing on the package. Starts at $8. Shipping without cardboard inside the U.S.A is $2.65 (fees not included). It will vary if you're international.

Fuzzy Figures

Please examine the condition of each figure; these vary. I have taken pictures of only stuff that might bother people; everything else about them is normal from my perspective. I got these in a lot and they came to me stinky and dirty. I gave them a shower and they don't stink like butt anymore and look much better. Shipping for 1-2 figures is $2.65 (fees not included) in the U.S.A. It will vary if you're international.

Snubull - $4.50
He is in the best condition with just slight wear on his ears.

Feraligatr Wobbuffet - $3.50
Feraligatr shows slight signs of wear; I have highlighted them below. Wobbuffet is in the best possible condition but he is just priced cheaper.

Pikachu - $3
He is pretty good except that he got the whole Two Face Batman villain thing going. He is completely fine on his left side but his right side shows wear. Like Feraligatr, the spiky ends of his ears show wear.

Togepi - 75 cents or free with the purchase of anything else.
This is the black sheep of the lot. Even with a shower, he is still dirty because of his light color and shows peeling. Can't really ask much for him. These figures are ages old btw.

Chansey Chara-dash - $2.75 + 2.65 shipping in bubble mailer + fees = $5.87 inside U.S.A.
THIS.IS.OLD. There is yellowing on the package and I sadly noticed that the plastic is cracking. I can ship her in a bubble mailer and will try to protect it as best as I can or she can go in a small box.

Phantump and Trevenant lot - $28.37 shipped, including fees, inside U.S.A

Impulsive buys. I wanted to collect them but I want to focus all my efforts on my collection goal instead of having too many side collections. They're all ready to ship and if you plan to collect these awesome Pokemon, this will get you off to a good start. Clearfiles are protected by cardboard.

And here is my fuzzy Gengar; SO.FUZZY.adsjjffhkl /explodes

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