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~SlothyShroom PokeTime Pouch and Charm Sale! Part Three~

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Sorry for the bit of a delay! I thought I'd have this up last week but time just flew by. Part Three is finally here! I have Poke-Time charms of any XY Pokemon up for sale! Be it shiny, different forms or poses! I also have snazzy patterned bookmarks! Similar to the official bookmark designs. :D

If you would like to combine charms and bookmarks with pouches feel free to comment here and let me know! Or if you had a spot saved let me know and ask me what else you wanted to add. There is still plethora of designs still available! Be sure to combine!

407391_original407391_original copy
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*I was granted pkmncollectors sales permission by Lineaalba 2009.
*My community feedback can be viewed HERE.
*I ship from California, USA.
*I accept Paypal, only.
*I live in a smoke-free home with no animals.
*I ship worldwide.
*I do trades for only things located on my WANTS LIST~


*Acrylic die cut charms are handmade by me! The charms measurements varies from 1" to 2". depending on the design. Each are glossed with a  protective water proof shine. They come with a colored strap and matching bell.
Charms are $5 Each.

I'll be doing 20 Slots for charms. Each person can order as many charms as they like but will count for one spot. I will be doing all XY Pokemon including shiny variants, pre evos, evos and alternate forms. I am only doing Pokemon from XY right now. Which means no Mega forms at the moment. Some Single Staged Pokemon have three different charm designs, (Sylveon, Dedenne, Hawlucha, Carbink, Klefki, Furfrou and Flabebe Line)  Let me know which variants you'd want if you choose these pokemon please be specific. (Example Side view Sylveon or Front View Hawlucha, Blue Flower Flollette or Star Cut Furfrou).
If you do not know how my Poke-Time artwork looks like please visit part one and two to overlook the patterns. In your comment please specify what you want and if you'll be combining with a pouch or bookmark order.


The price does NOT include shipping it will be $3.10 for US and $5.10 for Int.
I have to pay for pp fees, bubble mailers and the post office cost.

*The Bookmarks are designed by me and are professionally printed. They're double sided with two separate images. One side features a Pokemon alone the other side is patterned. It is hole punched and includes one colored floss bookmark tassel.
Bookmarks are $5 Each.

I only have 15 designs for the Bookmarks! All are pictured below:
image copy 211image copyimage-1image-1q1image-3image-4image-5image-6image-1112image-3555image-1 cop1yimagenn-1imagalalaeimage1111-2
I also have  HAWLUCHA line bookmarks available but need to retake it's photo.

These are very limited and I'll think about doing the other set of XY Pokemon lines only if there is enough interest. Meaning, I'd need a good amount of people buying bookmarks in order to make the second set.

The price does NOT include shipping it will be $3.10 for US and $5.10 for Int.
I have to pay for pp fees, bubble mailers and the post office cost.
image copy12313
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Also! I have a new HUGE EBAY LOT for bidding along with a couple old ones still up for bidding. It features a ton of XY merchandise including Megas, an "I <3 Pikachu" DX Raichu plush, Furret MPC, pokedolls, coins, dice, figures, tomys and more! Feel free to make a GA for it. I'll add more photos from the lot when I head home in an hour.

Next post will be a collection update.....for reals this time. ;3
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