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More Fake Handmade items, WANTS, and a giant wearable get! :'P

So back in October when I was still fairly new to pkmncollectors I posted this:
warning comm members about so-called "handmade" plush on Etsy, which are just the very well known booties from Ebay. (They literally haven't even switched out the "12 inches" stamp on a lot of the pictures)
Read more under the cut!

The disturbing thing is more and more people I follow (customers, friends and so on) keep hearting these plush, I'm guessing because they either assume they are handmade, or because they don't know about the plethora of identical booties on Ebay. :/
I've noticed that nearly everyone who favorites my jewelry items on Etsy, has also favorited one or more of these bootleg stores. :(

So I am asking you guys to PLEASE spread the word, and help by clicking that report button on Etsy if you have an account. SOMEHOW Puretutusecretgarden is STILL on Etsy, even though Animewonder is not.

However two new stores (and I'm sure there are tons more) are: PlushFriend (UPDATE, this seems to be closed! YAY! :D) and MyAnime just opened in May. These people are stealing customers from talented plush makers, going against Etsy's policies and ripping off designs from pokedolls, UFO catchers and so on. They also rip off Totoro, Legend of Zelda and many more.

Etsy is becoming one big re-seller's market and I really hope that if people report these stores that Etsy will FINALLY listen. :(

Ok, that being said my mom got my this amazing sweatshirt from !
I wanted to have it a little oversized, so I asked for an XL, but I THINK it may have been a MEN'S XL. :'D It's pretty dang giant. ^_^' Still love it though. The only downside besides size is that it's not like "sweatshirt" fabric on the outside, it's like polyester, and FLEECE on the inside, so it's REALLY hot for Hawaii. >_<
Here's the link to it, if you want to grab one! :D

EDIT: I didn't feel this was neccessary to add, but the sweater goes about to half way down my thigh, and is no shorter than a mini-dress so it's not indecent or anything. >__>
I just wanted to convey just HOW long it is. :'D
Here's Hobbit-Mimi wearing it:

I'm really looking for anything BAYLEEF! I'm actually weeding a lot of my collection out in the next few days to make room for this lil guy. I've always loved him so much! >_< So I'm looking for anything I don't have (and I don't have much) Flats, keychains, plush (prob a Farfetch'd wish), fcs figures, Tomy you name it! :) So if you have some 'leef, let a gal know! ;P

Tags: bayleef, chikorita, plush
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