Kristin (unovacastaway) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Moar gets

Here are my latest acquisitions, some from AnimeNEXT and a shipment from Japan.

AnimeNEXT gets. A custom Vaporeon hairclip bow (even the fabric was custom) made by a store run by one of my high school mates, an MPC Slowpoke plush (ever noticed that there's no white tip on its tail?), and a Yveltal kid.

An Absolite necklace I ordered from Brian/ Pokevault! I'm definitely going to wear it (especially as part of my Mega Absol cosplay). The question is, should I keep it in the box when it's not in use?
Tags: absol, bandai, banpresto, custom, kids, pokecen, slowpoke, vaporeon, yveltal
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