Okapifeathers (okapifeathers) wrote in pkmncollectors,

selling some cards!

just want to get rid of some of these, since i'm not doing anything with them. shipping is $2 everywhere from canada. i'm not sure what the new shipping regulations are like for envelope mail but there shouldn't be any problems. sales perm from denkimouse in 2009.

gold potion - $2
scramble switch - $4
thundurus ex x2 - $6 each
rayquaza ex x2 (second one not shown) - $5 each
mewtwo ex - $5
reshiram ex - $8
deoxys ex - $5
zapdos ex - $8
FA keldeo - $25
FA latias - $12
FA ghetsis - $5
FA colress - $12
FA skyla - $24

willing to haggle for sure. i'm not too familiar with current tcg prices. if you're going to pokemon nationals in indianapolis you can skip shipping and i will deliver them to you.

also trying to sell 72 copic markers if any artists here are interested! i'd rather have them go to someone here than mysterious ebay person.
Tags: cards
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