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free custom anyone?

Hi there everyone!
I haven't really been active on pkmncollectors but I've been lurking in the shadows.
I've been pretty busy with school and I'm trying to save (but failing miserably). x:

But anyway, that's not the point. During my school work, I've re-kindled my curiosity of learning to make plushies and puppets.
I really like doing hands-on items so yeah. I wanted to try to improve on my work and share it. So far I've made 2 sock puppets, a few hand and finger puppets. I've also made a life size dratini.

Unfortunately, I do not have a complete picture of dratini and the other puppets are mostly animals (due to school project). I'm not going to post the pictures here as it's not related to pokemon. xD But feel free to request to see it!! Unfortunately, my sock puppets has been "adopted" by the school for displays and event showcasing and I have no access to it. ):

So, now I would like to open some custom slots for all of you and it will be absolutely FREE. The only thing you need to pay for is shipping. I ship worldwide. Shipping prices starts from $3. Also, since this is a free product, I will only be able to take in a very limited amount and some rules apply. Please ensure that you read through everything!!!

** NOTE: I am only using FELT. No minky.

Please watch this post for updates! :D

Rules and information:

  • Sales permission given by entirelyclinched on 27 July 2013.

  • Feedback can be viewed here!

  • I am an amateur custom maker and everything is hand-made so please do not expect it to be perfect ;w;

  • There will be only 5 slots.

  • First come first serve basis!

  • Plushes are a maximum of 5 inches

  • If you choose a puppet, please measure your hand since everyone's hand/finger is different.

  • How to measure your finger/ hand: trace the outline and draw a box around it and measure! :D

  • Once you've decide on your pokemon product, please give me some time to sketch out how a draft for you.

  • I will only start on the product once the draft has been accepted and all materials are purchased!

  • Estimate completion/ mailing out dates is by the end of the month.

  • You can reject the product if you really dislike it.

  • Feel free to donate if you want xD

If response is good, I will open up a waiting list. However, being on the waiting list does not guarantee a product.
I will only work on it once the 5 slots are done and if I have time. Please state if you're interested. c:

Thank you for reading everything!
Just to sum up so that it is super duper clear!!!

  • Please do not expect the product to be perfect as I'm an amateur

  • Product is free but you will need to pay shipping.

  • Plushes are a maximum of 5 inches tall.

If you're still interested after reading through all the rules, please fill up this form!

Pokemon: (e.g. Shiny Pikachu)
Type: Hand puppet/ Finger Puppet/ Plush (If puppets, please state if you'd like 3D or 2D)
Measurements: (State the size of your plush. For puppets, please measure accordingly.)
Type of eyes: (Choose one) googly eyes, felt eyes, solid bear eyes
Other information: (You can add on details such as ribbons on ears, black and white pikachu instead etc)

Confirmed slots:
1. spiritbomb92 - sableye                      (100% complete - Last update unknown)
2. christabel93 - shiny bulbasaur          (90% complete - Last update 11:55PM, 22/10)
3. latias_latios_7 - furret                       (00% complete - Completed in - days)
4. kurukimi - vulpix                                (00% complete - Completed in - days)
5. riolu - shiny riolu                               (00% complete - Completed in - days)

Updates for confirmed slots:

4PM: I am sorry for all the delay. I have resumed sewing. (:
10:52PM: I am 45% done with bulbasaur, I should be able to move on to furret within 2 days.

11:46PM: I ended up getting sick and couldn't complete bulbasaur. ): I also need to get some supplies. However, the good thing is, bulbasaur is 90% complete! :D I'm just left with the eyes, patches and mouth. :3 Vines are fully poseable. Here's some progress pictures!

Waiting list:
1. Clair2522 - shiny litleo
2. yukilover500 - miltank
3. haybuddyy - shiny mightyena
4. etime28 - shiny mewtwo
5. princess_snivy - shiny espurr
6. classypersian - shiny persian
7. silverpadfoot - quilava
8. myprettysoldier - chandelure
9. vulpeslagopus - ninetales, pumpkaboo or absol
10. toxiiee - shiny lopunny

Updates for waiting list:

Thank you! :3
If this is not allowed, I am so sorry! Please feel free to delete it! :3
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