Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

AWA Con Report and Collection Update!

So... AWA was basically freaking AWESOME. :D
I cosplayed as a gijinka Growlithe and ran around with my friends who were dressed as Flint, Roark, Volkner, a Rocket Grunt, and Cooltrainer male. xD You probably already saw some of wolvenillusion's pictures!

These were taken at the Pokemon meet-up in the Dealer's Den Friday. :)

Ash and Gary at the Pika bug!

invader_julie and another Rocket grunt. :D

Lol, Roark and Volkner. (wolvenillusion is Volkner)

Me and my costume! :D The stripes on the back are inaccurate and they really bug me. But it's because I origianlly put on three towards the bottom, and the poofy tail completely covered them up to where you couldn't see them... so I had to add more.

God, I'm so bad at coming up with poses. xD So I just kind of emphasized this fact for comedic value.

pikabellechu the Pachirisu!

CUTE Wartortle guy. His tail was so fluffffffy and soft. *_*

Gym Leaders! :D Flint = digivolution

ZOMG Suicune fursuit. At one point, I was planning to build one too. :) I got beat to it!


Oh my god, this Jirachi girl and her costume are so beautiful.

I found me a Snorlax! He even looked tired, how appropriate. ;)

Pikabelle again!

Magma and Aqua!! :D

I found iridescent_fox and her grinning butt! :D FTW!

Cutest. Zubat. EVER. *dies*

ZOMG, more community members! I found me a kefanii!

And here is all my SWAG! :D Most of it Pokemon, some of it not!
I also commissioned a girl for a needlepoint shiny Growlithe picture... I can't freaking wait to get it and show you guys. ^_^

And here are a few other collection additions from a week ago!

AWESOME holographic Arcanine bottlecap from Saana! I wish it weren't so hard to photograph! He runs at you and uses Fire Blast when you tilt it. :D

This is a pretty obviously bootleg tin, but it's so cute, I couldn't help myself!

I mean, just look at those fucking heart-shaped pawpads. Is that not ADORABLE?

I'll be making another post in a minute with some auctions. It seems like something that should be separate.

That con was so much fun! I'm very glad to meet you and see so many Pokemon dorks in one place. It was like heaven. ♥
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