kongorn (kongorn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Charizard/Char line Collection Site


This is a link to my Charizard collection site (that sadly I might never finish - Charmander section, etc.). I was slowly creating this collection website, but before I could actually finish it... I decided to drastic slow down my collecting. Majority of my Charizard merchandise have already been cataloged on there. Just posting it here for Charizard fans to see some merchandise they might not have seen before. Please excuse some of the picture qualities, there were a few that I wanted to re-take that I just didn't ever get around to and if there are descriptions that don't make sense... I wrote most of these fast and a while ago, ignore my grammar at times.

If you had something you think might interest me feel free to send me offers! Only Charizard items please.4

Also, since I don't have any Charmander pictures up on my site: Here's an overview snapshot of my Charmander plush.

Tags: charizard, charmander, charmeleon
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