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Gets and Nidorino Tomy!

Hi all~
I got a huge box of awesomeness yesterday that's going to take me (many happy) days to sort through, but for now here are just a couple parts:

Full set of Eeveelutions Super DX all with tags, and even Eevee HQ! Special thanks for zora_star for the last I needed, Jolteon! I'm so sad Sylveon's Super DX isn't minky like the rest; why is so much of her stuff different from the others just because she came later? lol x_x; At least she has a good selection of other minky plushies, but still. xD

But I'm also getting the giant DX for Sylveon as well as the regular Super DX for Eevee (the one I have is the movie edition that came with Sylveon), as well as many extras that I'll look to weed out in the future to loving homes XD;;

I got 2 of these babies!! But one is not like the other orz..

*edit* Thanks for the comments, guys! Right now I've got pretty good reason to say BOTH Nidorinos are actually legit. I'm renaming "bootie" to NidoV2 in my head for now XD

"NidoV2" is on the left and authentic is on the right.
I got the authentic one as a standalone auction while the "NidoV2" is from a humongous y!j 120+ figure lot, which is sad since it looks like everything else in the lot is authentic. Awkward...!!! Is this really a bootie??

So for me the only real telling signs are the painted toes, and I suppose the coloring? The "NidoV2" is a slightttly deeper purple while the authentic looks... well... older. (honestly I like the coloring on V2 more, lol...) "NidoV2" also feels a little more rubbery to the touch while the gloss on the authentic one makes it smoother.
Wonder what I should do with the NidoV2 (っていうか is this really a bootie? it's so nicely done ack XD)... custom painting seems to be the common suggestion but pretty much only interested in Nidorino to complete the Kanto collection (which I'm really close to getting!! The only thing separating it is that my main collection is in Michigan so I can't gather them all until I visit ack XD)

I'm getting yet another Nidorino in the far future from another humongous lot, I'll figure out what I want to do with it depending on if it's authentic or not. xD

Awesomeness I will post about on another time...~
Tags: collection update, eevee, eeveelution, eeveelutions, nidorino, sylveon, tomy
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