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A want + other stuff (updated)

Hi everyone :D

I have a want for you today~ I'm looking for a poster featuring all the pokemon made so far, or at least a poster that has all the pokemon up to Kalos. But if it includes Kalos pokemon, that'd be ideal. Ever since I was little I had a poster that had the pokemon up to Unova, and now I'd like an updated one. I don't actively search for merch of every single pokemon I don't have, but when I do get a plush or figure of them I like to circle them on the poster~
Here's a crappy pic of the one I currently have and am looking to replace.

And besides that, I have some other news too! I rarely make gets posts but I got quite a few packages this week so I thought I might as well post them!
Look at them all! <333
The 1:1 Celebi was a huge grail for me for some time, but all the ones on ebay were 80+, and with all the new merch coming out I didn't want to spend so much on one plush. My sister mentioned Celebi in a wants post on behalf of me and haybuddyy pmed her with this auction, that I won! Thanks so much for the PM haybuddyy, it never appeared in my search D:
The Cubone is a reeaaally huge grail of mine. I've wanted a Cubone plush like this ever since I became a pokemon fan and never found one that suited me. So when I saw this guy pop up on ebay I had to get him <333
The Caterpie is a palm plush by glacidea. I've wanted a cute little Caterpie plush for a while, so I'm very happy with how it turned out~
Sandshrew is in a similar position as Cubone, I got him from chariflame. The zipper is broken, but other than that he's a ball of cuteness :D
And Butterfree was made by kingfeebas, she's everything I wanted and more <333

I also have a Furret MPC coming in among a few other things... I can't believe how the price skyrocketed on this plush so quickly! I made a mistake by not preordering it when I had the chance, but one appeared on ebay for 20 shipped so I snatched it. Two days later, the seller makes the price 35 shipped instead for the leftover ones, so I guess I was lucky there 0_0

On another note, tdotakichan, our GB items came in! I know you said that tags don't work for you but please comment here if you see this post, I'm having a hard time finding the original one xD

And last but not least, I'm back from my trip and I started making perlers for all the people that commented on my June post, so you guys should see updates soon :)

Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm also taking offers on one of my games!

I bought it from ebay (it was listed as very good condition) and never really got to playing it. Being desperately in need of a Carbink plush, I decided to put it up for offers starting at 25. Manuals and everything included!
Can be combined with items from here: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/3639.html
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