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Pokedoll Collection Update

Two big grails came in this week. And now I'm back to searching for new things to search for lol. I also got a sunyshore package this week :D
2014-06-09 18.35.59-small

First off little Auction Plug. >.>

Ok, so here is the long anticipated munchlax mini pokedoll.
2014-06-09 18.35.53

He's just so teeny! :D
2014-06-09 18.36.20

He has a chain similar to the Pikachu in Denkimouse's collection.
2014-06-09 18.36.34

He definitely was released at the Yokohama Pokémon Center's opening in 2005.
2014-06-09 18.37.00

Another mini get was this Pikachu Pokedoll Shopper Keychain.
2014-06-09 18.37.58

I now have both the pokedoll tag keychains! If anyone knows of more please tell me :D
2014-06-09 18.38.38

So dark_tyranitar almost skimmed right by this auction...but do you see the little bits of green behind Turtwig?

Seems rather ordinary, right?
2014-06-16 17.32.40

Merry Christmas!
2014-06-16 17.32.53

Its actually the Turtwig Christmas Pokedoll, I love his little holly berries!
2014-06-16 17.33.01

2006, same as the rest of the set...speaking of which...
2014-06-16 17.34.25-2

For the first time ever, I present the complete Christmas Pokedoll Set! :D
2014-06-16 17.30.44-1

I got the new Pokémon Center plushes from sunyshore.
2014-06-13 17.14.582014-06-13 17.15.39

And the new Pokedolls too!
2014-06-13 17.17.29

Whew, so that's all for now. All updates are on my website, have a great week everyone! :)

Tags: diancie, munchlax, pikachu, plush, pokedoll, sylveon, turtwig, tyrunt
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