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Massive pile of gets!

Hello everyone! Yesterday was super exciting as three boxes appeared in my doorstep at once, and thus a collection update shall commence!!

Raichu, will you do the honors?


Also a MASSIVE update at my collection site:

Before we get to the big box, let's start waaaaaayy back to the beginning XP

digimon ref

Of course, this guy shows up on the day I posted my last collection update later in the day XP I had an unused pokevault coupon and decided to get a mini pikadoll keychain, and the charms are for my friend Sarah that I middlemanned for her.

After 2 long weeks, my teddiursa pokedoll showed up in the mail, after a paclage switcharoo with another user. I was still surprised that it's a 2002 teddiursa Pokedoll.

The Giant Chespin is from my friend Sarah, since she preordered this from toywiz last year, but it got backstocked for months. The day she decided to cancel the order, it got shipped. It was going to be an x-mas present, then that passed, then a b-day gift, then that passed, so it became a random gift to me XD

Spritzee is from ebay. I've wanted this gal when she came out.

I also got riolu canvas on ebay as well XD I love how tiny he is!

and my 5th Beheeyem MPC is from polahbear (She's the 2nd one on the left) and her name is Cleo XP

They're like potato chips; I just can't have only one. XD;

Some pan stickers were in the package as well <3 thank youuu!!

Went to McDonalds one day and got Xerneas with an inkay card.

These figures were from doryphish333's sale post. I missed out on the first release of gen 5 figures for McDonalds years ago, since our local mcDonalds was under renovations at the time. I've finally gotten the last pikachu tomy figures I needed for my tomy pikachu set, and a new zukan. i'm trying to think of ideas for pegs to improvise for. I keep missing out on Jakks patrat figures when they come out, so i'm happy to have him!

and these are where the McDonalds figures are displayed, in front of my TV in my room <3

PokeCen Espeon plush from syminka. I'm starting to fall in love with Espeon, since a friend and I roleplay with one. <3 She fits right in.

My espurr and meowstic pokedolls!! There's two sets, since one is for my friend Sarah.

I nicknamed the female Meowstics Patty and Selma. they remind me of the two for some reason.


Here's my set. The male one is my favorite, and I names him Matt, like in my X version.

These also came in the box. I have a soft spot for Mega Charizard X design. I LOVE male Pyroar, so I had to get the figure.

Closeup of the two figures!! Pyroar is beautiful!

I've also updated my collection shelf, and rearranged them too!

So we now start with yesterday's gets, and this is part 1 of 3 boxes. EMS delivery in the morning while I was playing tomodachi life. Pokedolls and PokeCen plushies!

Wailord photobomb

I ordered one set of pokedolls and the Pikachu. My friend Sarah ordered the rest XD

And here they are <3 Sylveon is my absolute favorite though!

This special pikachu isn't a cuddly material, but I love it's unique design.

Raichu is from docgerbilsworld. It evolves from Pikachu to raichu <3 I've wanted one for the longest time, and I didn't care if it was a bootleg or not. It was just too cute! he was package #2 which I didn't take pics of. I just wanted to hold chubby raichuuu!

Now the big box: package #3. It was from SMJ. I had the stuff stored there for a month.


all the stuff inside, minus raichu!

All unwrapped after their long journey!

This was the first of the pile. It was from a small audino lot, but I'm afraid that two of the three are bootlies :( The audino pokedoll i sold to sarah, but thankfully she didn't mind that it was a bootleg. It didn't look like that from the pics in the auction. The MPC I'm suspecting as a bootleg too, but the big audino is legit. She's amazingly soft and squishy!

Two furfrou MPC's! Of course one is for Sarah. x3 I named mine Cecil like in my Y version.

SAILORD! I got this guy for an AMAZING deal: 1500 yen! I found him on an obscure auction site with that BIN. <3

This mysterious Pikachu plush. I've seen him relisted over and over again on Y!J. I thought he was too cute to pass up and I got him. He's honestly my most favorite from box #3. Shhhh, Don't tell the others. His origins are shrouded in mystery though. His tushtag is very faded but I can make out banpresto from it. His eyes are plastic and his cheecks are glued on felt. He's made of velvet and he's like a beanie baby. Does anybody know the orgins of this pikachu? I've checked PPP and google, and turned up nothing!

Patchwork Bulbasaur Plush! The seller was kind enough to put tag protection <3 I just loved his colors and had to bid on him.

Buizel canvas. He's been on my want list for a while. I got him for a great price.

Micro Turtwig pokedoll!! <3

(Omg crappy phone pic)

and last, but not least....


He's in perfect condition and was at an awesome price!!! <333

Now he sits with his other mudkip bretheren! Now all I need is the other shiny version and the two clear versions, then my set is complete!

With the arrival of Micro Turtwig, my micro set of the sinnoh starters is now complete!!

Pics of the Evolving Pikachu/Rauchu plush.

Here's the pikachu side, though I perfer to keep him as a Raichu x3

I also have a Clefairy/Clefable of this. I'm tempted to find the Evolving Poliwag/Poliwhirl and Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff to complete the set.

Well with the arrival of pink stuff..... PINK PARTY!!

That's everything, until next time!

Thanks for reading everybody!! :D

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