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More TOMY Gets! and curious question

More gets! And curious about shipping preferences...

So that mass of stuff I got the other day... Just gonna highlight a few parts of it today :D

Hehe this pic is fun, it's like they're watching a play on-stage. *future photoshoot ideas* I'd have extravagant times creating worlds when I was little, playing with my TOMY figs XD;
Quite a few movie variations, I'm so happy with them!
I forgot to put the Suicune variation in there too, oops

So... I had a lot to sort through

Charizard hngggg <3 ~ I didn't even get this lot for the Charizard content but I was so pleasantly surprised to see so many of the tiny keychains and more! Can't wait to combine them with my Michigan collection!! Didn't add the Megas in here since I'm still waiting on some items to come in. Also, I really don't need so many duplicates so hoping to weed them out when I get sales permission xD;; (goes with just about all the duplicates I got in this massive lot)

Raichu and Lugia

Fire birds. Loose Moltres Zukan in there :D

Some of the various loose Zukans and other misc figures. LOL Pidove is so effing tiny... xD; There were also some other really nice pieces like Rayquaza, Tyranitar and Dragonite! Dragons~~ ^q^

Last but not least, did you know Entei is actually faceless? *shot*
J/k The face actually stays on just fine, I just thought this was amusing XD

And I'm curious about people's shipping preferences when it comes to Japan! When you're getting something shipped from Japan, what do you generally go with?
Man I wish EMS/Fedex didn't require someone to physically be there to sign!! I love the speed things get delivered, but if I want to use EMS, I need to get it sent to work because no one's ever home to sign. And then since I'm in a small office, everyone sees that I'm getting giant boxes of stuff and they get curious... XD Thus I try to avoid EMS whenever possible. Fedex is a little better because at least they have decent operating hours where I can pick things up after work, and they are REALLY express while EMS can sometimes take a full week, but USPS has ridiculous hours and I can usually only go on the weekend.
I like things getting shipped SAL since it's generally cheaper (and small packet is even better and faster), but for larger boxes EMS is sadly cheaper and of course fast. I have some other orders on Surface mail too, the wait on those are just grueling... x_x; Air mail I've seen one too many times be just as slow as SAL so I usually don't bother with it. XD
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