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Partial Collection Update (including holy grail! ^________^)

I need to make a full collection update at some point, but for now I figured I'd update with the zukan I've received recently! Sorry about the blurriness, my camera didn't want to focus on all of them at once. :( And please excuse them all sitting on my POTC Pirates Dice box, since it was the only flat surface around when I felt like taking the pic. ^_^ So without further ado:

I received the Drifloon/Drifblim set a few weeks ago from latiro, and it's so cute! :D My sister likes the Drif's, so I pick up some of their merch for her every now and then. ^_^ Thanks so much, latiro! Is there somewhere for me to leave you feedback?

Friday was Zukan Day for me because I received my zukan from both giant Zukan auctions at the same time! I received Zigzagoon/Linoone and Prof. Oak from kiraras_lemon and the Slakoth set, Murkrow set, Duskull set, and Scyther from pacificpikachu. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on organizing these auctions! :3

Back in August I received my HOLY GRAIL OMG from 99reddrifloons (to whom I now owe my first born child to), the beautiful Ponyta/Rapidash zukan! :D:D:D:D!!1!!! Being a fire equine collector is tough, what with the lack of merch, so I am ecstatic to obtain such a lovely rendition of their greatness. ^____^

So there's my update for now! I will have a full collection update some day, I promise. The plush portion of my collection is probably the most significantly altered. :D
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