eevee_trainer (eevee_trainer) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll & MPC Auctions Ending

If you are looking for a DX Bonsly Pokedoll, a DX Munclax Pokedoll, Oversized Treecko, Mudkip or Torchic Pokedolls, or some new normal type MPCs.
Get those bids in before the MOON CRASHES!

To make this post less boring, I open the following debate:

Gen III, which is now getting a remake, was the least represented from a plush perspective. Many of the rarest plush that are most sought after come from this very generation.
What effects (if any) do you think the potential influx of new plush from this generation will have on the value (both implied and literal) of existing gen III plush?
I cite the example of Deoxys Attack and Defense form Pokedolls. After the re-release, an original (which have sold from $100 to $200) are effectively now common.

If they make a Zizagoon MPC, what would that do to the highly scarce UFO ?

Discuss! :D
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