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pidgeot needs more love

Adding to the onslaught of post-AWA posts, I have some leftover pokethings that I failed to sell at the con... in particular, I have nine Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot line bookmarks I want to get rid of. I only sold one. :( Come on, how can you say no to that face? :3

I also have three Squirtle bookmarks left and ONE Bulbasaur bookmark. Charmander won the bookmark race and sold out. Annnnnnd, I have an original drawing of Landmin and Skymin for sale. Pictures under the cut!

Bookmarks are $1.50/each. Only Pidgey left.

This is 8.5x11, Micron pens and Copic Sketch markers. $20.


All prices in USD and does not include Paypal fee.

Shipping is $0.50 within the US and $1.00 internationally for the bookmarks.
Shipping is $2.00 within the US and $4.00 internationally for the original originals.

Paypal preferred, but will take concealed cash for whole dollar amounts less than $20.

You can see ALL of my leftover con merch over here. It has a lot of Code Geass, Kingdom Hearts, and some miscellany stuff.
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