Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update & lanturn tomy figure offer

Hello all! :3

I have reorganized my collection and got some cool things from the comm...so I thought I make an collection update. :

SRY for the small pics - but my internet connection is too bad to upload bigger pics ~_~'

So at first this is my bug collection now:

heracross tomy figure! :D

heracross attack kid! :D

Here are all my favourite flats! Best of all or a grail are the two vending machine cards caterpie&metapod you see on the right in the first row!

The caterpie friends plush I got recently from the comm for very cheap! She has no tail (the yellow thing) but maybe I will make her a new one.

metall keychains! Theyre absolutely beautiful - weedle and caterpie I got yesterday from agui_chan! :)

My mixed-up collection? Here are mainly bulbs, raichu and oddish. Also a littlebit pikachu

...and here are also two other pokemon :)


♥ Thanks for looking! ♥

Also I wonder if there is any lanturn collector? I have a lanturn tomy figure in absolute mint condition, 100% authentic. The figure is beautiful but I don't collect lanturn. I know the figure is not a common so maybe anyone would be interested in it? Before I sell it on ebay in a lot :/
I can sell it for 20$, but would also trade! Maybe vs. another rare tomy figure. Pineco for example would be cool.


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