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[Jesus christ it's a lion//]

Metal collection shinxes! All five colours! Originally I was only going to get one figure, as an example of the set since I doubted I'd catch all five. But thanks to Gin, I have all of them! My favourite is the little silver one c:

All my beautifur Rions! The only thing missing right now is a Luxio kid, to make my life collection complete~ (not pictured; Giant Shinx and Luxray UFO's)

I also have a bunch of flats, including the supar rare retsuden magnets, see below ^.^

Bromide cards, amada stickers, and the two chunky retsuden magnets! Yay! I recieved Luxio from happyjolteon a few weeks ago. Thankyou!!
As well as those, there are a bunch of misc cards and things. I also have (not pictured) a glow in the dark shinx evolution card.
I am a big big fan of anything that glows in the dark!

While I'm here, I can't remember if I ever posted a picture of my plusminus mice.

I think this is now prettymuch complete. I don't want to add anything else (unless it's a super cute plush!) not pictured; Omatsuri Plush, pokedolls.

Any questions about what a figure/plush pictured is, feel free to ask, I will try and answer as best I can! :3

Now down to buisness;
To everyone still waiting on zukan from the hugeass GA; The majority have already been sent out, they should have already reached you, or be there iminently! I have spoken privately to several people regarding the zukans, but I'd like to say publically: Everyone will get their zukan. I'm not doing a runner with your money. I've just had a rather stressful few weeks ^^;;

From my lists currently, I think there are about of about 5 packages left to go out. Two are from the original reserves list, and the remainder are people who won zukan over both auctions.

I'm truly sorry for the delay, but life happens. Thankyou for your continued patience and I should have a line drawn under this very soon X3
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