jodiejolteon (jodiejolteon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Finally a collection update!

Finally after moving house and taking a break from collecting my collection is finally all reorganised and I'm happy with it.
So here it is :)

Here is my first shelf of stuffs my favourite on this has to be my pikachu lollypop holder. Also the loose figures are just a handful,the rest are stored in a shoe box.

Again another shelfy my personal fav on this shelf has to be the boxed absol advanced figure ❤️.

All of my books, comics and other flats :) oh and also a random poliwhirl plush.

Some other bits that didn't have room on the pokemon shelfs but I couldn't have the heart to store them away ☺️.

Last but not least my favourite item my electronic lugia ❤️. He was just to tall to fit on the other shelfs, so he had to share this one with some familiar friends.

Thankyou for reading ! ☺️

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