John (tehwhitetiger) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Gets and a Question about Mew Pokedolls(possible want)

I have got a few nice little things lately so thought I would do a quick update.

So first the gets

My main collection of Mewness has had quite a update lately :3. We have two mew zukans, two new mew kids and a posable mew. All bought from some awesome people on the community, so thank you I love them all :P. then we have a mew plush I got from a seller on ebay (based in Japan) which I think is legit. It has no tags but I can see where a string on the top once was and where a tush tag was cut off, so I think it was an old UFO prize, but if you know please let me know ^^. And then there is the petit mew keychain that is so cute I had to get it :P.

Then we have some eevee's for my other main collection. The kids were all from ebay, all the same seller. I put some little bids on all of them expecting to maybe win a couple, only to find I won them all. The postage was insane, but thankfully the seller refunded the difference and sent them together (about $30+ saved). I also randomly got a eevee pop up McDonald toy for no apparent reason and managed to find a cute jolteon friends plush =D.

And finally some new fennekin bits, a zukan, kid and a pokedoll <3.

Oh and onto the question. What is the value of a Mew Pokedoll and how many have been released? I believe their is a US and Japan release but are they all the same except for tags?

Sadly ebay is flooded with bootlegs of Mew Pokedolls and I really want a legit one, so if they aren't super rare and expensive I would like to try and find one on the community, so a rough price range would be appreciated :3 and let me know if you are selling one (It would be to the UK).

Well that is all :3.
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