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Hello community!
Today four packages arrived to my home and with THE GRAIL OF ALL THE GRAILS *^* Really it's a super LONG post with all the gets, Indeed I don't think that somebody read the full post XDDDDDDD

And... now it's time to open packages... :____________
I guess I'll do a collection update soon, when I get the other packages that should arrive soon...

GRAIL OF ALL THE GRAILS :____________________________
Okay... I NEVER thought I would be able to get one. Ninetales was my favorite since Pokemon Yellow (later I'd add Politoed and Poochy) so when I met this piece I FELT IN LOVE. Almost all the Ninetales figures are on the same boring pose and there are very few merch of him so it was surprising BUT I saw his price...
That was my grail but it wasn't a grail since I wouldn't have been able to pay the full price for it, I'd never thought I would be able to have it because I can't spend so much money but then I tried it...
I bidded a weeks ago on a Ninetales broken on ebay but I lost it. I lost a broken piece! It was like 'I can't even buy that one D:' and then I found another one on yahoo and I tried but at the last minutes I was bidding and I saw that it was getting expensive for me, I tried and I tried but I stopped, I thought that I shouldn't pay more... however my boyfriend bidded on the final seconds and we won... He did it because he knows what it means to me and... jeez I love him so much (my bf I mean, well, I also love Ninetales of course!)...
It's like a dream to have this tiny Ninetales (I thought it was a bit bigger DDDDDD:)
Really I'm SO DONE. It's like it was impossible to me and now I have it...
Btw, it's unbalanced O.o His front paws don't touch the floor...
And I bought a Vulpix piece so it should be coming one day...

Another huge want! This is my boyfriend's Feraligatr UFO. We bought it to a french seller on eBay. It came super fast and it's so chubby *¬* He really looks awesome! One day I'll get the Typholosion UFO to mate with him. I wish they would have more plushies :'( I love the Johto starters so much (Quilava is one of my favorite Pokemon!)

<33333333333333 A tiny Poochyena custom! I made a trade with lucky_miss_clover on instagram and I sent her some stickers and she did this AWESOME Poochy for me :_____)

Another trade! This time I made some customs to agkelikos so I got another Politoed and Starly *^*
There you have the new Politoed with Profesor Potato (I put that ribbon to Prof. Potato because he's so classy).

And Starly! I love his wings a lot *^*

Some random stuff *^*
Poliwag from the TOMY Mascot GA that eevee_evs_lover made. It's so tiny, cute and funny <3
Raikou, chupa (?) Mightyena, Raikou and the without tail Flygon zukan piece are from a seller on eBay. Super nice and with an awesome price. It's sad to see Flygon broken but at least my boyfriend have something :'(
And the Mightyena pencil topper from a trade with thedaftlynx another one with the tail broken! But I can glue this one :3 Thanks a lot!

DX Empoleon, random Empoleon, Piplup and Houndoom kids, Mightyena and attack Wartortle clear kids and Shinx clipping figure from yahoo.
Also I won an attack Poochyena clear kid the other day so it's awesome *^* I'm finishing my Poochy collection...

Charmander walky from whitekyurem Thanks a bunch! I love the walky plushies with their metal tags. They look super cute *^*
And a Charmander UFO I wanted a few ago from yahoo. I love his fabric <3

The other walky I wanted! Cyndaquil walky from yahoo <3 Look his tiny legs *^*

MCFLUFFLY... I mean, Whimsicott Pokedoll. This one is from my boyfriend. Really, he was all day long like 'IT'S SO FLUFFYYYYYYYY' and touching him... but... yes... IT'S SOOOOOOOOOOO FLUFFY <3

Politoed line charms! I was missing them D: I got Ninetales and Poochyena some months ago but I wasn't able to find these for a good price but I got it on yahoo <3 I love the Politoed pose

Larvitar zukan. Tyranitar is awesome o.o It's really well made and big... but Larvitar is so tiny that I'm afraid I'll lose it :________

Poliwag Pokemon Time stap... OKAY I LOVE POKEMON TIME A LOT. I have bought like 15 clearfiles and 5 tins of Pokemon Time latetly and I DON'T REGRET IT :______) However I'm not really lucky with the bookmarks :<
Vulpix, Poliwag and Cyndaquil metal charms

Zebstrika UFO and Cyndaquil strap
The mudkip grabby! He seems to like being on Chie's leg
And a lot of kids! These attack kids look wonderfull I love the new kids with their poses. That's why I love SO MUCH the kids <3 MILTANK WITH THE MILK, PLEASE.

However I want to show you some offers with grabby figures and clear kids! :O



  • All pkmncollectors rules apply.

  • I received sales permission from dewott May 17th of 2013.

  • You can find my feedback: HERE

  • I ship from Spain (you can watch info about it under the rules)

  • I am not responsible for items lost in the post, if this concerns you please pay for tracking/insurance, thanks.

  • Items will be held for 24 hours if you ask for it, may be held further if you are 100% committed. Payment must be sent within 24 hours or negative feedback will be left.

  • Don't edit your comments, if you need to add something, please, reply to your own comment.

  • Prices may be negotiable, just ask!

  • I am open to trades. You can find my wants HERE

  • Paypal only, please send payments as "goods" and include what you bought in the note along with your username.

  • I will only sell to PKMNcollectors members and to no one who is banned.

  • If you're concearned about the condition of a item, just ask for photos

ss (2014-06-20 at 08.47.44)

Pikachu, Treecko grabby, start at 10$ each



Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Wartortle, Swampert, Blastoise, Grovyle start at 5$ each

Plusple, Pichu, Jirachi, Keldeo, Raichu, Vulpix, Flareon, Eeevee, Skitty start at 3$ each


Crobat (x2), Magmortar, Probopass, Qwilfish, Donphan, Cradily, Wailmer, Blissey start at 3$ each

Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Porygon, Sandshrew, Rattatta, Raticate, Wigglytuff, Gastly, Hitmonchan (x2), Horsea, Kakuna, start at 3$ each
Also, i have updated my sales post with even more kids, some tomys, other figures and other things. Here is a little preview, click on the image or here to go to the sales post

preview sales

Sorry for the SUPER LONG POST. I hope you enjoy the summer and thanks for reading! :D
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