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Customs for sale & gets!

Hey everyone, I have a few little projects that I've worked on in the past little while that I'd like to put up for offers. :D

Rules & Info:

Click for countdown timer link, just in case!

First up are some needle felted sculptures! These guys are about 2"-3" tall (give or take half an inch).
(Jynx is not for sale!)

I'll start things off with Natu & Porygon Pokedoll sculptures!

Back view of Natu:

These guys start at $45 each!

Gulpin is just a proportionate doll! I made him after realizing how much I digged his Pokemon Time plush (now I need one in my life). <3

He also starts at $45!

That's it for the felted dolls, but I have a few minky plush too - up next are a couple of Voltorbs! They are made from minky, sit at around ~3.5" tall, and have machine and hand embroidered details. <3

Please start these guys off at $80 each!

I also made a Beedrill! He's made from minky with suede arms, legs, antennae, and wings.
He's about 4" tall, and has custom made and hand painted eyes! Please note that Beedrill is propped up in this photo and can't stand up on his own.

Side view:

Back view:

Please start Beedrill off at $75!

And everything below here is all for straight sale! No bidding necessary~

Luvdiscs are ~1" long and are $35 each.

Movie Picture Frames! These are up for best offer, so don't be shy to make one, especially if reasonable. :)

Lugia: $20 OBO
Marill, Squirtle, Psyduck, Bulbasaur, Venonat, Pikachu

I also got a big box from Japan recently filled with goodies! Most of it is recent PC promo stuff, but there are some other rare things from Y!J too. :D

(Teaser pic!)

Jirachi ended up being such a cutie! She is sitting in a Kokeshi tea cup with a Smoochum mascot plush. I was STOKED to see a Mega Gardevoir (super size!) TOMY figure, I absolutely had to have it. <3
I haven't opened the Kokeshi tin yet, but I know there are some yummy sweet potato snacks in there that are just waiting to be devoured! It's definitely considered an odd flavor that most of us don't see very often in North America, and is something I truly cherish while I'm in Asia.

Kokeshi tea cup and the cute box it came in. :)
It's about 3" tall, I'm tempted to order more of these to make a set of four!

Jirachi Pokedoll time - I'm sure you guys know that there was an older release, and here's a shot to compare the two!
I wasn't a huge fan of the older doll at first but warmed up to it eventually, even though I found its' face to be a little small. I wasn't horribly disappointed with it, and quite liked it, but then the re-release happened! It looks much more like the pokedoll art, with that larger & fuller face. It also has darker colors, and a more pronounced "star" head. I adore them both to bits! :D

Here's a back view - the new pokedoll shines here with a well definited head shape! You can also see that the new release has thinner wings made of double sided minky rather than two pieces like in the original. Overall, I'd say I'm definitely more of a fan of the new release. :)

Pokedoll tag comparison! I am personally a bigger fan of the older one, mostly because of the shape - it could just be a biased opinion since it screams "classic pokedoll" to me, but I still find it more visually appealing. As we can see here, the pokedoll art never changed; this might be a no-brainer for some of you guys, but I actually thought the design may have changed because of the difference in the design of the doll, but nope.

I got me three milk cups! Did anyone end up seeing these in crane machines in Japan?
I think they were pretty uncommon compared to the Psychic type plush, but they eventually began popping up on Y!J, where I nabbed a lot of them a couple weeks ago.
These guys were slightly larger than I had anticipated.. I was originally going to just get the one with the big Miltank head on it (left), but I couldn't resist the rest.. Miltank already has basically no merchandise, and I decided that the complete milk cup promo is very fitting for a Miltank collection! These cups are great quality, but I'm definitely going to refrain from using them.. I'm actually a little afraid they might break during moves, but the packaging they came in was very sturdy and they got here with no problems by plane, so here's hoping for the best.

Another movie picture frame! This one features Slowking from Pokemon The Movie 2000! I'm still on the hunt to get them all, even though I have no idea how many there are exactly. I still remember seeing that one in theatres when I was young. :D

Last pic is of my felted Jynx and the first official Jynx plush, just for fun. <3

Please wait until all threads are up before bidding! Bid away~ :D

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