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A little collection update + trading a bunch of legendary dragon plush! :3

Hi everyone. :3

I've recently acquired a bunch of gets, so I figure I should do a small collection update. ^_^;

I rearranged my 2 main shelves. :3 Newest additions include the 1/1 Totodile and the sleepy Toto (ahhh! they're both ADORABLE!)!

Here is the other side. :3 A few new additions here like the Snorlax cushion, Mewtwo pokedoll, another Altaria, another Wailmer. XD Doubles ftw!

Anddd, Cleffa Pokedoll and the Clefairy Doll UFO! <3 I've yet to figure out what to put on this shelf... D:

AND MAH NURSE CHANSEY'S. WAHHH. Oh, and don't forget about dat Dragonite Pokedoll. Hehehe. He's my messenger! I created a little messenger bag for him. HEHE.

:D:D:D:D Look how happy he is! :D:D:D:D

From plush-lore on dA! I commissioned her for a Shiny Houndour and a Manectric. He even has a wittle heart! <3

That's all for now. :3 I hope you enjoyed.


Now! I recently acquired a few legendary dragon plush, and I just can't seem to.. 'click' with them, if you will. D:

So, I've decided to put them up for trade; hopefully for something that I can permanently add to my collection!

Take a look, if you will? (:

In order:
Takara Tomy Zekrom (pose-able, tush tag)
Pokemon Center Black Kyurem (tush tag)
Pokemon Center White Kyurem (tush tag)
Takara Tomy White Kyurem (mint with hang tag & tush tag)
Lati Pokedolls, tush tag cut off on both ):
And a random clear Jolteon kid. lol

Click here or the banner to go to my wants page!

Let's work something out, yes? :D


Have a great weekend everyone! :D
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