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Figure identification help! And cons~

Someone in the community asked about a mystery Feebas figure that was on the way to them, and I mentioned I was getting a similar one soon myself. It came in today!! It's smaller than I thought... XD; I put it next to a Zorua Pearly TOMY Moncolle that came in the random figure lot just for size comparison:

It has a hole at the bottom, so it probably had a stand. My initial guess from some research is Chou Get series? But some confirmation would be nice!
It came with a whole ton of other cute little figures (I thought they'd be Moncolle size but I love how detailed these little ones are!!), I'll take more pics of them when I get more time :D

One more thing...
Anime Expo (AX) is coming soon! Who else here is going? :D
Also I've been wondering, has anyone gotten a legitimately GOOD deal on Pokemon merc at a con dealer's room? I had a habit of checking price tags when I went for one day to fanime this year, and everything was just outrageously overpriced if they weren't bootie... D:
If you HAVE gotten a good deal, I'd like to hear your experience!
Tags: feebas, zorua
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