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Straight Sales: 4 days left + New gets (including PC Paris stuff) + All my Chus :O

Hey all!
Firstly, my sales (I added some bottle cap figures)

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales o/

Before starting, here is a preview of my Pika+ collection ^o^

So I start with French merch
IMG_7580 (2)IMG_7573
Re-released Pokémon Adventures: a must-have!
And Pokémon Center poster. In fact I wanted the exclusive one (with same art as the sticker, which is like a consolation prize lol) but unfortunately it was sold out :'( Thus I chose Lumiose City (the third one was Hoenn Legendaries).
I was really disappointed because I also wanted the postcards which were sold out too (> <)
But yesterday I went to the Pokémon Center to download a PokéBall Vivillon for fluna_daiyunel (who wrote me a nice letter with cute drawing :3) and asked a friend to come with me. And I've been doubly lucky. Why? Because miraculously they had restock postcards !!! OMG I was so excited! However I hadn't money, noooo :O But fortunately my friend was here and bought them for me <3
More pictures here:

Then, a custom keychain by anaildapinto
Beautiful golden snake, thank you :3

Finally, some packages

These Pokédolls are so cute :3
And I fell in love with the UFO Rayquaza <3 I love his face and wound body. Moreover, the plush is rather heavy. Also, I was surprised to realize that I won a RayDoll since I thought it was another UFO %)

Seeing them together gave me an idea...taking a picture of all my Chus.
I wanted to wait until their shelf has been built, but as I postpone it everytime...x)
Of course it's not enormous compared to some of you, but I'm quite shocked since I'm not a Pika collector lol Also, this allowed me to realize that the space I planned for them will be too small xD

Thank you for reading :3

My collection website :

Fb page for my collection (don't hesitate to like or comment ^^):
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