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Re-introduction, gets

Hi all,

It's been a little over 3 years since I joined this community! I wanted to make this post earlier but I hadn't had the time until now ;_; I finally finished my 2-year part-time study a little bit ago so hopefully I can get back to more active now.

To avoid taking up too much space on the comm, I am just making a single post for a re-introduction, some recent gets, and some thumbnails to my just updated sales + offers, Placed under different cuts ^^



As my username implies, my favourite pokemon is poliwhirl, and my favourite starter is Turtwig. There are some other pokemons that I really like too, but I think they are usually either blue or green (sometimes qhite) xD Above photo is my bed-side shelf, the two lovely drawings are from j_ule.

I am from Hong Kong, and you can call me Jan. I got hooked into pokemon since I acquired Pokemon Yellow version back in 1998. Back then, the show was also on TV here as well, but was unfortunately cut off not long after. I remembered being heart-broken, they stopped somewhere during the Pokemon League... and gold/ silver was never shown here. Only the first two movies were shown in cinema ;_;

I was still in primary school when Pokemon was such a hit here, I remembered having to beg my mum to buy pokemon stuffs for me. I believed I still have a number of those, but they are packed away in boxes with all my other childhood toys... maybe one day when I get a chance to dig those boxes up, I can share with you all later.

My first poliwhirl plush is this:
It's the change-to-pokedoll plush. I got it from gashaphon machine so it's probably not legit, but I love it none-the-less!

There were a lot of pokemon stuffs here back then (even HK version TCG which I still have xD), but they seem to slowly disappear a while after the TV show got cut off.. I still play every single pokemon game, but I haven't really bought much pokemon items during my secondary school years (so I had very limited number of items from AG/ DP era). I pretty much gotten back into collecting after joining the comm 3 years ago, and I had been super-crazy and bought a lot of stuffs. And below are brief summaries:

This is pretty much all my fav figures displayed in my cabinet. I actually have some canned drinks from gold/silver era, the juice are still there lol. I pretty much bought the juice for the coins that come with them and for the lovely pictures on the can. My favourite piece in the shelf is the poliwhirl/ squirtle/ staryu musical "box" on the left in the middle level, it plays the ending theme which meowth sung ;) I also collect zukans but it kinda stopped now.

Spaces at the one of the top corner is occupied by plushes. Canvas pluhes on the right and mixed on the left.

Other canvas plushes on top of my cabinet. I think I have every canvas plush from old series apart from plusle/ minun/ eeveelutions.

Another shelf, I really hope these won't fall down or it would be very hard to arrange them u_u I completely managed to almost hide the pikachu that is attached to Mareep xD I am a great fan of seals animal-wise :)

Aside from these, I also collect clear files and customs (:

You may noticed my items are stored everywhere possible and plushes are stacked, it's because my room is only a little over 60 sq. feet (~5.6 sq. meter). So I am actually having a lot of difficulties keeping up with my collecting, space is just too limited in Hong Kong and way too expensive -_-;

Exciting Recent Gets

Very exciting get that I bought from YJ a while ago! I had been eyeing on this item since someone from the comm posted about it a long time ago. I never thought I'd manage to get one for such reasonable price too ;_;

Super cute box! You may notice it says Tokyo watch, which it what it is :D

It even has the guarantee card too, pokeball container!

The watch! Why no poliwhirl on the other side of the foam ;_;

Close-up, this watch is super-well made :o The lines are gold coloured and the plate is silver. The plastic is transparent.

One side is poliwhirl and the other side is charmander :D

There's also some really cute customs I received :D The canvas and sculptures are from pikabulbachu and the others are SSS that I received from puckyducky! I got these a while ago but didn't had the chance to post ^^;

That's all from me, thank you so much for reading my post, hopefully it's not too boring ;_:
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