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♥1999 Amada sealed booster packs! ♥

Hello all, sry for posting again ~ but I cannot wait to make this post!!! Its so awesome (to me) what I got from ebay! I searched on ebay for amada stickers but there are not so many and the holo ones were expensive...
But then?
I found a BIN for 5 sealed amada sticker packs from 1999! :D
It was the last one...so I bought it. So cool that theyre sealed packs because theyre old...I never had ones because they never released here in germany.
They came from Japan really fast! And I saw that I got a big bunch of extra amadas o.o - this is so awesome!
It was fun to open the booster packs too!


In the boosters there was only holos and transparent ones! There are DX gold card special packs or something I didn't know xD
I got a super-duper cute raichu, a transparent venonat, dragonair and an attack rattata for me.
And all the others are for Sale!!

Is it raichu not cute?? *_*

★Sale rules:★

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
Shipping is from germany worldwide
- Shipping price: start at 1$ worldwide
- Paypal only
- Payment within 48 h please!
- ♥ Trades are welcome ♥
- Shipping is without insurance - please tell me if that is a problem
- ♥ Haggling is allowed! ♥

> Please note that the unholos from the extra bunch aren't mint! They may have some scratches or something <

...and now onto the sales!

I must edit the post because the pics was uploaed false and I couldn't upload all pics because of bad internet connection or some problems with my smartphone...so I must sell them other way. But the prices are the same or lower.


First row 2.50$, except jolteon 3$, others 1$ each

Transparent stickers - 0,50$ each except slowpoke:1$

Attack stickers! First row 1.50$ each, second row 1$ each, rest are 0,50$ each

Jolteon 1$ all others 0,50$

Thanks all for reading and have a nice weekend! :D

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