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Another gets post with minigrail! and a few small wants!

So, I got a bunch of stuff in the mail in the last couple weeks...a minigrail, saurs, chus, 'Vees, and lots of images ahead!

I was about to go out of town when my Noppin box showed up, so I grabbed it from the office so that it wouldn't be hanging around in there all weekend. No unboxing photos for this, unfortunately, because I was so excited that I opened it while I was up at BF's parents' house! I was a little concerned because there were a few things that I thought I'd asked to be included, but I hopped on Noppin's website, and they were still waiting patiently in the warehouse. I should probably have them shipped...

Anyway, without further ado...

Tomy Recall Charizard! He's a little bit loved, doesn't have his bag, and his claws aren't as white as they used to be, but I like his derpy snout, and it's fun to imagine that he made someone else in Japan happy before he made his way over to me. Maybe one day I'll find him a minty brother with his bag. (And maybe find the rest of his final starter friends, since the Venusaur just makes me giggle, and you can't have two without the third!)

Just for fun, here he is with Wallace, the 2013 Tomy Charizard. What a difference a few years makes!

The rest of the Noppin box:


Vaporeon and Espeon Korotto Manmaru/"Chibi" plush, and the I <3 Eevee Trump card plush!


The doc case from the 2009 promo! I'm sad I didn't start collecting earlier, because I missed out on so much great stuff, especially this promo. (I'm an Umbreon collector.) I'm still after the clear files and the big tote bag. (Especially the clear files. I love clear files!)

Another, smaller Charizard...

I bought a second one by accident. This actually works out OK, because I can keep my MIP one...well, MIP. He can hang out on my desk or something!

Some saurs...

What is this cute little guy, other than some sort of UFO plush (he has a head string). I love the little heart-shaped head spots and his tiny sprout. ^_^

And some portable Bulbasaurs...

Walky Bulbasaur! The ability to have a Pokemon walk with you was my favorite feature of Yellow, and then HG/SS. (I'll admit that half the amusement of HG/SS is walking around with something ridiculous and terrifying like Gyarados following you around and being all happy and whatnot!)

Patchwork mascot plush! The seller even put him in a little bag tied with a pink ribbon. I don't know if I want to free him...

A flying Pikachu...

Rainbow Promo boxed plush! It sort of reminds me of Up. The box is a little worse for wear, but not too bad, considering.

And some love for Team Rocket:

Keychains! I really want the Wobbuffet DX plush, but I guess the keychain will have to do until I can clear some space...

There were a few other things in there, but that's all I'm keeping for sure. (The dangers of buying lots. T_T)

I've been trying out FromJapan lately as a Noppin alternative. (I don't have a completely gelled opinion yet on it.) I got my first box from them a few days ago...and it looked like this:

Yikes! What did they do, drop it off a cliff?

Anyway, Pablo here is going to help me open this.

'CHUS! I was really excited about I <3 Pikachu+ DX HQ Raichu plush, even though I'm not a die-hard 'chu collector. He's very soft and huggable, although he's not as well-stuffed as I'd have hoped. We also have a DX I <3 Pikachu plush, though what he's actually called, I don't know.

I couldn't get very many pictures of these little (I can't really call them little, that Pikachu is surprisingly large!) guys, as my cat was fascinated by Pikachu. She normally leaves my plush alone, but she kept trying to grab him! So I'll just leave you with a family picture, complete with cat-tail photobomb:

A couple days later, a second FJ package showed up. No opening pictures, unfortunately. Considering what happened to my first package, I'm glad I split them up!

First, I have no idea what this guy is. All I know is that he's roundish, cute, soft and from Japan. I've never even seen him before.

Furret MPC! His hang tag is sadly chewed up a bit, though. I might need the Snorlax and the Snorlax pillow...and the Furret charm thing from this promo...

And some more things to add to my Eeveelution collection:

Leafeon and Eevee Pokedolls. No hang tags, so they match my comm-purchase Umbreon from the same release. I can see why this 'Vee release was so popular. THEY'RE SO SOFT, VEGETA! I don't know if I'm going to hang on to the Eevee, as I'm not an Eevee collector and I don't care for most of the plushes, but she's so cute and soft!

Canvas Espeon, again with no tags so it matches my Umbreon. Two down, two, four, five or six go (depending on how completionist I want to be)!

Finally, more for my 2009 promo collection.

And some small, miscellaneous stuff that didn't make it into my last gets post, for some reason:

Some kid figures and a capsule keychain from Animeraro. I might need the rest of that Charizard set, because attack 'vees! (I don't know if I want to take the Kids out of the box...)

Sentret friends plush, still sealed in his box. This little guy is so cute, but I don't know if I want to open the box or leave it sealed. T_T (First-world problems, man.)

Let's cool off with some water Pokemon:

Vaporeon Mini-doll and vanity pouch from a GA.

And then play a card game (on a motorcycle?):

(CD Venusaur, Flying Pikachu promo, GB Promo Venusaur, Holo Mew, various Bulbasaurs, CD Snorlax, and a first-ed holo Aerodactyl) (Please excuse the messy desk.)

I swore I'd stick to Base Set/Jungle/Fossil, Rocket, and some of the earlier promos, because I do not have an infinite card binder (and I'm way too lazy to keep rearranging my cards). I made an exception for Bulbasaur, becase there is some adorable artwork on some of these cards. (I might make an exception for the BW promo Eeveelutions too, at some later point.)

A couple wearable gets:

I look forward to wearing these. There was something else in the package, but I want to get it framed before I show it off!

And a rather...puzzling couple of gets:

My BF and I had loads of fun putting these together. I just need to nab the Vaporeon one now.
Any ideas on how to display them? They're currently sitting on a piece of cardboard.

And now for some small wants:

All pictures from Google. If yours, I'll happily take them down.

Magikarp Pokemon Time Clear File Found it!

Bulbasaur Bobblehead

Tokyo clear file

Clear Ivysaur Kid. I'm also looking for the regular Kid in this pose.

These might be harder...

Shopper clear files (Gyarados, Gengar)

Thanks for reading! (And I apologize for some of the terrible pictures and internet references...)
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