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Kids Collection and Shop Update!~

It's finally time to show the community our Pokekids collection! Follow Ash and his Gira-steed!~ (Gira: One wrong move boy and you're toast! )

Warning! Very image heavy under the cut!

First up the DX kids! I wish they made more, they're so fab! I didn't notice that Torterra was on the tin until I'd taken the photo XD

My Legendary babies! Cute ones like Shaymin and Celebi suit the kids form, but fearsome PKMN like DIalga look so annoyed to be that small!

Chuuu!~ Electric Types (my favourite!)

Normal Types -Singing Meowth is the definate favourite here - I was so pleased to find him! ^-^

Water types! I'm not sure if the Gyarados is a DX kid or not, but he felt at home here :)

Grass Types ^0^ Hoppip always looks so damn happy XD

I used to think Rock Types were a bit boring - but there are have been some really nice kids of them - they're cute now! :)

Ghosties are my fiance' fvourite (and purple happens to be his favourite colour - coincidence?...)

More Purple-Poke-Pretties! (although Poison this time!)

We don't have many FIre types - but they are always so pretty!

Bzzzzzz! Bug Types!

I didn't know the Xmas Jynx existed until we got a big kids lot recently! ^-^

The last photo - Fighting vs. Dark! (hmm.. I wonder who'll win?...)

Also today, I've updated Safari Zone with some new things! There are new items in the Kids, TCG, BK toys and 'Other' sections, and two new sections with items: Zukan and Japanese Promo items! Highlights from the update include a Skymin purse and Leafeon kid - Click on the image below to visit the store! ^-^

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