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NW Pickups.. Again!

Hello everyone! Miss me since my last post? ;)

My family will be going to NY again next Friday, so I decided to offer another pickup even though it's so close to my previous one because of the awesome new stock! And even if nobody buys anything I'm fine with that because now they finally have pokedolls in stock that I don't own yet.

Click the cut for more!

(Artwork by the fantastic fluna_daiyunel)

-Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Pickups permission granted on July 24th, 2012 by denkimouse
-Feedback is here
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA
-I will be opening slots for 15 pickups. Pickups are per user, not per plush.
-You have the option of either one or two payments. However, you must pay the price of the plush before I go to Nintendo World. If you really want a pickup but won't be able to pay on time, please PM me and I will try to work something out. You will have up to a week to pay payment two, and I am more lenient about giving extensions on payment two if needed.
-Asking for a slot is committing to a purchase (asking for a quote is just a quote). If you do not pay, you will be left a negative.
-If what you request is out of stock, I will refund you. Please let me know if you order multiple items and want your order canceled if anything is sold out. If you don't specify, I will assume that you want a pickup regardless of if something you requested is sold out.
-Please note that plush at Nintendo World are out in the open to be victims to the hands of evil children. Sometimes it's impossible to find a plushie that doesn't have a bent tag. Please keep this in mind if it bothers you. Generally this isn't a huge problem, but if you're the unlucky buyer that ends up buying the last of that pokedoll in the store, sometimes the tag can be creased.
-Mention if you would like cardboard to protect the tags before paying please!
-First come, first served policy. If a certain number of people reserve the same doll and I do not have enough, then the first orders will get priority.
-I will be taking slots until Thursday, June 26th at 10 PM EST.

Stock list, thanks to dtrain4eva! You can view images on their post here:

Fennekin Pokedoll
Froakie Pokedoll
Mega Blaziken plush
Mega Mewtwo Y plush
Scatterbug plush
Patrat plush
Sawk Pokedoll
Throh Pokedoll
Black/White Kyurem Oversized Pokedolls
Dedenne Pokedoll
Bunnelby Pokedoll
Pancham Pokedoll
Clauncher Plush
Litleo Pokedoll
Swirlix Pokedoll
Helioptile Pokedoll
Goomy Plush
Inkay Pokedoll
Clawitzer Plush
Amaura Plush
Tyrunt Plush
Espurr Plush
Meowstic (Both M/F) Plush
Greninja Plush
Chesnaught Plush
Fletchling Pokedoll
Frogadier Plush
Spritzee plush
Quilladin Plush
Lifesize Fennekin, Froakie, and Chespin

*Possibly Delphox and Braixen plush?

Prices before shipping:
Pokedolls, Pokecenter Plush: $20

Mega plush, Quilladin, Frogadier, Braixen plushes: $26
Oversized Pokedolls: $30
Greninja, Chesnaught, Delphox plush: $40
1:1 Plush, 12" plush, B/W Kyurem Pokedolls: $55
Tomys: $8 each, buy 4, get 5th free

1. altair_420
Frogadier, Mega Mewtwo Y, and Spritzee
2. kneesocks Fennekin pokedoll [shipped]
3. fox7xd Goomy plush [shipped]
4. abailie
1:1 Chespin, Greninja, Mega Blaziken, and Mega Mewtwo Y
5. shiny_zekrom Xerneas, Litleo pokedolls


Also, a quick note to participants of the Goodbye Extras GA: I should have the items in by Monday/Tuesday, so expect your payment 2 totals posted by Thursday! If you want to combine shipping with anything from pickups, I can do so of course, just let me know. :) Hopefully my next post will be more of a gets/collection update post, since I just won a really awesome item on Y!J this morning.~

Thank you everyone! <3
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