Mitchi (mitchichen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Town rescheduled!

So after the disappointment that was Pokemon town being called off last month, it's finally been rescheduled for July 26th and 27th. No new info regarding the events has been released other than the stuff already posted.

Additionally, On July 5 and 6, there's a little mini event for the release of the Korean dub of Jirachi Wishmaker (wait really? they didn't release this movie here yet?). I don't know if I'll go to this one, but if I do, I'll try to get some mini movie posters (korean theaters always have a bunch of mini movie posters with info on the back, usually for either what's playing or upcoming releases).

That said, I'll still be willing to do some pick ups and stuff for the items they'll be having at pokemon town. Once again, these are the confirmed goodies they will be selling.

Japanese pokedolls. No difference from the once released in japan, other than a sticker on the tag that has some stuff in korean.

TCG theme decks and booster boxes. Korean booster packs are in little packs of 5 cards each, with about 20 packs per box.

misc toys and books, as well as moncolle figures.

On top of that, in general there's a lot of summer merch being released, but i'm having a hard time finding any of it, things like pokeball shaped water canteens, sleeping bags, kids swim suits and bubble wants/bubble guns.

Oh! also, I've gotten new stickers in stock, which I am scanning and preparing. Lots of new XY stickers, with some eevees (Sylveon stuff yay!) and megas! I'll try to put them up this week along with those weird clear plastic things (i still don't know what they are, the pack says something about a ticket, idk). Gonna need to be able to save up for getting goodies at Pokemon town :D

I've also got some custom things too. so much to list, oof.
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