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Questions, Ga reminder, a custom finished, wants and a sales plug

First up is a reminder that the Korean paper craft Ga ends in 2 days and almost all the items are at the starting bid, a great time to try to get some rare unique items, click either picture or here to go to the Ga
 photo 2c1bd996-3d32-4a4d-829f-c6314e79ba1e_zpsc2882175.jpg
 photo 7a85fb69-606d-4db7-8a11-a50fb2942202_zps998f23f6.jpg

next is my custom 3D printed Dragonite figure that I made and designed
 photo 86a71570-beba-4cd8-b134-7c8d9f53c1a2_zps3b5938ac.jpg

 photo IMG_6086_zps94922c3c.jpg
in another pose
 photo IMG_6089_zps4c38df01.jpg
mostly disassembled
here is the story on it copy and pasted from my site since I didn't feel like rewriting it

This poseable 9 piece (head, 2 antennae, 2 legs, 2 arms and the wings) took me around 30 hours of class time and my architecture teacher was kind enough to allow me to make this and support me making this though the support was more of a you can do it rather then help since as he said, "you have surpassed my capabilities." This thing fought me at every turn from not displaying correctly to an accidental tangle in the plastic coil. the two most difficult portions were the head and wings. The wing required hours of sanding since the printer decided to put copious amounts of cross supports on the back between the wings and it was either that or have 90% of one of the wings missing so it was a no brainer decision. The reason why the head was so difficult was due to the antennae and the connection to the body. It started with my teacher sending the head flying and breaking the antennae while trying to cut the supports that the printer had created and to prevent that from happening again I decided to print the second head with holes for the antennae so I could print them separately. Of coarse the printer decided to build support in the antennae slots but the troubles didn't end there while sanding the peg for the head down and trying it in the slot the peg broke and got stuck in the body. My teacher in I then had to drill out the hole and figure out what to do next then the idea came to me, a franken head. What we did was drill the hole out a bit bigger to prevent another break then drill 2 tiny holes on the other head where the antennae broke and insert the antennae intended for the other now broken head and voila, my 30 hour ordeal was over and my masterpiece was finished.

now for my first question which relates to my site, I was hoping to create link things on my pages to jump down to different sections on a page such as figures or plush and I was wondering if anyone knew how or if you can do that on weebly?

my second question relates to my wants I was wondering if anyone might have any info on this since I had never seen it before and was wondering if anyone had any info on it that may be able to help me find one such as where they were available, if that is a correct set of them and not a mix matched pair or their manufacturer
 photo a137fb9f-9e94-4aaf-88bf-12eb40f3f413_zps2c2fb97a.jpg
now lastly a link to my wants and a sales plug
click the banner or here to go to my sales
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