Jenny Lynn (elekid) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jenny Lynn

Another Re-introduction!

Hi everyone! I haven't made a post in quite a long time, and my collection has vastly expanded since then, so I figured I'd re-introduce myself.

My name is Jenny, I'm 17 and I've been a Pokemon fan since I was really young. My older sister got into it around 2000 and I quickly followed behind- and when she got 'too old' for Pokemon, she gave all her stuff to me and my collection quickly exploded from there.

Almost everything in my collection has come from garage sales, thrift shops, etc. My sister and my mom run an antique store so every time they go out thrifting, I tag along and usually find something for one of my collections (I also collect Ninja Turtles, Ren and Stimpy, and superhero action figures). I hope someday to have the world record for the largest Pokemon collection, but I still have a long way to go.

The main overview of my two major shelves.

Even the custom items I find at salvation army! Both crocheted Pokemon were found at thrift shops, at two different stores, about a year apart from each other. Weird.

Also the giant Charmander was my first plush ever, my aunt won him for me at Dave and Busters in 1999, apparently. (I'm too young to actually remember recieving it as a gift, but it's been in my house as long as I can remember).

My trainers certificate I got at the Pokemon Journey Across America tour of '06, and one of my recent (and best!) garage sale finds- an official Jigglypuff pokedoll, complete with the S sticker on the inside of the tush tag and everything. I got her for 1.00 and I'm still dumbfounded I managed to get her for so cheap.

I probably should've gotten a better picture of this, but the blastoise on the top shelf is a mirage plush! I bought it at the same sale that I purchased the Jigglypuff Pokedoll and I'm just as happy to have such a unique little plush. Next to it is a Pikachu water bottle holder from Japan, another pretty obscure item.

This is where most of my flats/MIP items reside, which happen to be some of my favorites. The MIP Furret/Houndoom tomy set was a christmas gift the year I started seriously collecting and I got so happy I started crying. That was a fun day.

Misc clothing and art! I started painting my door about a year ago, I need to stop being so lazy and start working on it again.

Here is where I have my Kanto tomy figures. I'm so proud to finally own Voltorb and Electrode, my friend who had grown out of Pokemon gave me her collection last year, and those two were in there (along with Ditto, Nidoqueen, Gastly, Nurse Joy, and a few other rare ones).

This is Captain, one of my most recent finds but definitely one of my favorites. He was in really shoddy shape when I found him at salvation army, but after giving him a good wash, re-stuffing him and giving him an eye patch to cover up his missing right eye, he looks much better.

The space under my bed is pretty much just storage space for the more common items I have, like the plethora of Toy Factory plushies, my bootie pillow pet, and the movie poster that's actually one of the items I remember having when I was really little.

More of my stuff I don't have room to display out in the open.

And finally my bed, complete with my collection of Johto tomy figures, my pillow plush, and my new pillowcase that I bought recently! I'd been looking for a Pokemon pillowcase for ages, I'm so happy to finally own one.

Also, I finally got my own paypal, so I can actually make purchases here! I'm looking for the Hitmontop tomy plush- if anyone currently has one for sale, please PM me!

Thanks for reading!
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