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Note and a question.

To all Americans who ship directly from the post office (i.e. not online or anything), in case you were not aware, post office employees were ordered to stop offering first class shipping to customers ( They still have it, however, they will not mention it and you have to ask for it yourself. Just a note to those of you used to them using first class automatically. You may miss them slapping a priority mail price tag on your package. Some post office employees may not be aware of this ~new rule~, though. Just keep an eye out.

Does anyone have any good methods for getting permanent marker off of kids figures without damaging them? I am having a temporary lapse and can't remember if I have asked this here or not, but, um, I'm askin' again. :B Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser seems to be the #1 suggestion on Google, but I am curious if anyone has any different ideas? I have tried nail polish remover and the dry erase marker trick, but neither of them worked. Thank you!
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