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First custom! And a bunch of other gets~

Hello everyone! It's been some time since my last post, so I thought I'd share my first custom get, and a bunch of overdo gets as well ^^


First up is my first custom! I have to be honest, I wasn't really into customs, but then I saw Leiliak's post and fell in love with her Growlithe sculpture! It also just happened to be my husband's birthday and I knew Growlithe would be the perfect present for him (and it was!). I sketched up a little doodle, and here's what Leiliak made~

Just look at at that face ;u; So cute and amazingly made! I also got some other Growly gets:

Along with the amazing Growlithe custom, we also got the minicot, megablock, kid, and the Pokemon Time bookmark C:

Onto some older Vee-y gets now! First up:

Eevee and Flareon Pitapokes! I was so happy to get these. Flareon is definitely my favorite of the two. I just wish the suction cups would stay stuck on the base though :\

Pre-move plush and figures! We moved in April, so before packing I took these lol. Talking Eevee plush, sleeping Eevee pillow, and laying HQ plush were a couple of my favorite gets. They're just so super snugly :3

Some mixed gets- Eevee and Flareon mini Pokedolls, Growlithe/Arcanine Tomys, Pokemon With You badges, and movie pins! Plus a few Eevee/Flareon things. Since I only collect Eevee and Flareon out of the eeveelutions, I was super happy they were paired together ^-^

Onto more recent gets-

Eevee Banpresto plush was a lucky eBay find! Palm Eevee was a gift from my husband, and finally got a Flareon Pokedoll figure to go with my Eevee one. Never thought I'd buy an eevee blanket (too pricey new), but was happy to find a used one for a more reasonable price, same with the Eevee canvas :)
Also ecstatic to finally have this figure!

I had been searching for one, but being too nervous to use a middleman, I kinda put it out of my mind for awhile. Then I came across this one for just 30$ shipped on an import site and couldn't resist *_* I was a bit nervous that it was too good to be true, but it arrived safe and sound. I was surprised by how big the box was. You can see it's larger than the Eevee canvas. Only complaint is how easily Pikachu's tail falls off. Otherwise it's perfect!

Last bit of gets now, Kokeshi design promo~

The cookie tin is just too adorable! Plus the cookies are really yummy too!

Kokeshi tea cups! I'm a sucker for tea cups so I ordered two so I'd have a set. The Pokemon are just too cute!

And finally, the Kokeshi Eevee Figure~

Such a beautiful figure! Im so happy I ordered one. It's a really great size too, as you can see it next to the kid figure~

Front and back~

I was hoping it'd have a wooden tail, but I really like it carved in too ^^

That's all for now! I hope everything posted okay~ Hopefully in a few months we'll be in our own house again and I can post a full collection picture! Thanks for looking 。^‿^。
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