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Convention Gets!

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend a couple of anime conventions. Happily, they both had some nice Pokemon merch in their dealers' rooms!

2014 Con Loot

Please click the cut for close-ups and more! ^_^

I couldn't resist getting these plushes. I have an Eelektross on my Pokemon Black team, and I have a Cobalion on my Black 2 team. Inkay is just because I like squids and cephalopods in general. ^_^
2014 Con Pokemon Plush

I know the internet abounds with bootlegs of the Cobalion plush, but I made sure this guy was official before buying him--I had to actually feel the blue sticker on his tag with my hands to make sure that it was indeed a sticker and not just an image printed onto the paper. (I once saw the blue "sticker" printed onto the tag of a bootleg plush. Perhaps it's made me a little paranoid. XD)
Cobalion Tag

I've been wanting the Sylveon pose figure for a while now. I was so happy to find it at a con!
2014 Con Pokemon Figures

The Litwick line is my main collection, but until the con I had hardly any of the cards. Still looking for the Chandelure from the Legendary Treasure set, though!
Litwick TCG

This Absol card has "ex Holon Phantoms" printed on the bottom right of the image. I haven't played TCG in years, so I'm out of the loop. Is this a promo card of some kind? Does the logo make it more valuable?
Special Absol TCG

Well, my fellow collectors, thanks for looking. I'd love to hear about how conventions have expanded your own collections--what's your favorite item that you've found at a con?

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