Xzeeko (xzeeko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

June Plush Commissions

Hello all! I am opening up plush commissions!

(Sales Permission Granted by allinia on August 8th, 2012)

Click the cut for bigger pictures, more examples, and prices and slots and stuff!
Click the cut below that if we are doing a trade!

Okay! So, feel free to visit my deviantart gallery for full size images, but here are some of my past plushies!

Okay, so tons of examples!

I am not accepting trades at the moment, unless its for something I REALLY want. (Goldeen Play by Play, Loudred Hasbro, Mawile Time plush, or a mareep plush)
I don't do progress pics anymore. I usually end up disappointing that way.
I may take a month or two to make it, but that's usually been the max.
First Come First Serve
I don't do prepayment.
I ship anywhere, please ask for a quote to get shipping.
I don't do ninetales plushies anymore, at least, not in the style above.
My materials to work with are some minky, ultra cuddle, fleece, felt.

Starts at a base fee of $25 for time.
Will go up depending on complexity, materials, and size.

Please be sure to include materials, style*, and size in your comment.

*style: assumed to be just a normal proportionate plushie, but you can feel free to ask for pokedoll, button-jointed, etc.

Don't worry, we are still on!
But, since I am obviously taking really extra long, and you guys have been so patient, read below!

hayybuddy: I know it's been forever! something about ninetales just makes me not want to finish haha. I hope delcatty won't be like that.. anyways, in the down time of not working on your plushies, I will make you some atcs! just pick 3 pokemon of your choice, and I'll do 3 watercolor atc featuring them!

vulpeslagopus: oh gosh i know it hasnt been too incredibly long, but I feel so bad since you already sent the stuff. I'll try to work on it after I finish hayybuddy's, and since it's summer break, i should be finished with those real soon. you can also have 3 extra atcs if you want!

anyone else i'm in a trade with: I haven't forgot you either! chances are I didn't list you cause it hasn't been that long, or if it's a custom trade, neither of us have finished our halves. if i'm mistaken let me know!

anyone who's reading this and thinking about commissioning me but may decide against it seeing how long it's taken me to make theirs: these are just special examples!! it's just because I have some weird affinity against making ninetales plushies that these are taking so long.

Thanks for reading! I am going to be opening 5 slots at the moment.
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