okgod (okgod) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some TCG Wants!

I'm starting to get back into competitive tcg, so after some deck testing online I'm ready to start buying cards! I already bought a lot of the cheaper ones, and I thought I'd come and check if anyone was looking to sell the pricier ones here. Here's what I'm looking for, if you have more of a card than the number listed feel free to mention it, since I'll probably need them for other decks for the rest of my family :3

3 Sableye (junk hunt)
2 Yveltal EX
1 Computer Search
4 Dark Patch
1 Hypnotic Laser
1 Level Ball
1 Random Receiver
3 N
2 Skyla
1 Virbank City Gym

I'm also looking to buy flashfire tcgo codes in bulk, for about 15 cents per code. Let me know if you have some to offer!

All I need now are 2 Yveltal Ex!! Let me know if you've got any and I'll be happy to buy!
Tags: cards, tcg, wants
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